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George Floyd Protests Mark a Turning Point for Minneapolis Evangelicals
From cleanup efforts to sermons against systemic racism, local pastors say an effective response requires they listen to the communities hurting the most.
Amid the Stresses and Strains of Higher Education, Christian Study Centers Are Thriving
How a postwar evangelical movement to unite mind and heart spread to campuses across the country.
Seeking the Lord of the Traveling Harvest
A journalist sketches an affectionate portrait of the faith and values of itinerant farm workers in America’s heartland.
Knock Knock. It's Weird Evangelical Twitter.Subscriber Access Only
Online, millennial Christians embrace the absurd.
Christian Zionism Isn’t the Caricature of Popular Imagination
It isn’t end-times fascination that explains the enduring bond between evangelicals and Israel.
How Corrie ten Boom’s ‘The Hiding Place’ Earned Its Place in the Evangelical Canon
Stan Guthrie pairs an edifying biography of an evangelical icon with the inside story of her international bestseller.
What Edith Blumhofer Taught Me on Writing About Strong Women
A tribute to a pathbreaking Pentecostal historian who also knew the value of a cannoli to a grad student.
The Gospel -- The One Paul Knew
Is our gospel the gospel the apostles preached?
Breaking Out of the White Evangelical Echo Chamber
Putting faithful witness ahead of political expediency starts with changing surroundings, words, and friendships.
Sho Baraka Evades the Evangelical Edit
How do you pay your bills, change the world, and be true to yourself—all at once?
What Does ‘Evangelical’ Mean?
CT discusses key distinctives of evangelical belief, identity, and spirituality.
More Non-Evangelicals Are Calling Themselves Born Again
A growing share of mainline Protestants and Catholics have taken on the once-distinctive label over the past three decades.
Christianity Tomorrow
What happened with the Mark Galli editorial is a precursor of evangelicalism to come.
Northern Seminary Announces: Nijay Gupta Joins Faculty
New faculty for Northern Seminary to arrive.
Billy Graham Center Archives Continuing to Preserve Evangelical History
Although the BGC Archives is open to the public and welcomes unexpected visitors, it remains one of Wheaton’s best-kept secrets.   
The Flag in the Whirlwind: An Update from CT’s President
Why our editor in chief spoke out against Trump, and why the conversation must continue.
Disciplemaking: How Do Evangelism and Discipleship Go Together?
If we are going to use the term discipleship to talk about helping believers mature, our focus has to be more mission driven and evangelistically focused.
The Business of Evangelical Book Publishing Is Business
Or is it faith? Or some complex combination of both?
Oklahoma v. Baylor: Rivals on the Field, Partners in Ministry
How Saturday’s contenders brought Christ into college football.
One-on-One with Daniel Treier on ‘Introducing Evangelical Theology’
“I have tried to reconnect evangelicals with a lost inheritance as well as introduce them to contemporary resources.”

Top Story June 5, 2020

Singing the Songs of Injustice
Singing the Songs of Injustice
Biblical, angry, congregational worship can help transform our hearts and churches.

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