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Missions and Missional: Remembering History
Part 3 of Ed Stetzer's chapter from the recent release “Conversations on When Everything Is Missions”
Missional and Missions: Getting Our Priorities Straight
Part 2 of Ed Stetzer's chapter from the recent release “Conversations on When Everything Is Missions”
Stephen Lungu, Africa’s Enterprising Evangelist, Dies of COVID-19
Coronavirus claims life of Malawi leader known as the “Billy Graham of Africa.”
Redeeming the Godly Work of Proselytization
Evangelism is a moral good and a key expression of our faith.
I Was Filming a Dangerous Action Scene When I Gave My Life to Christ
How a film and television stuntman met the Lord in the air.
The Unaffiliated Are Not the Unreachable: Understanding and Reaching the Nones
The religiously unaffiliated are the fastest growing group in the U.S.—How do we reach them?
How Can I Share Jesus This Christmas?
Christmas present us with a unique opportunity to share the best gift of all, the Gospel.
Compassionate Evangelism: Being A Daily Witness for Christ
As Christians, we are called to testify with compassion every day.
Five Habits of What Makes Evangelism Good
Good evangelism has five common elements
You Can't Reach the World When All You Have is a Hammer
We need multiple tools to lead a thriving church—including an evangelist.
The Calling of the Evangelist
How do we differentiate the calling of an evangelist from other leadership roles?
8 Models of Evangelism: #1
The most common model is personal evangelism
CT Media Presents: God Pops Up in India
In this episode, follow Anil’s journey to learn more about the man who he is convinced saved his mother.
Anglican Churches in the UK Are Shrinking in Size but Not Impact
Report: How smaller congregations are still showing up to support their communities through growing social action.
Reordering Evangelism: Reviving The Living Dead
We must revive a passion for evangelism in order to become living messages of life.
Christianity Isn’t ‘Becoming’ Global. It Always Has Been.
Why this misperception poses a stumbling block to the spread of the gospel.
China’s Greatest Evangelist Was Expelled from a Liberal Seminary in America
How John Song sought new beginnings—for himself and his homeland—after a period of disgrace.
When Conscience Rights Come at the Cost of Human Rights
Evangelicals have done commendable work advancing religious freedom around the globe. But that work has involved some questionable moral compromises.

Top Story January 27, 2021

Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Three decades after the Danvers Statement articulated clear gender roles, its application still causes tension.

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