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Bethel’s Sean Feucht’s Protests and Praises Have a History
The musician has been traveling the country and gathering people to worship God. It’s sparked controversy.
The Next Mission Field Is a Game
Esports opens new opportunities for evangelism, even during a pandemic.
Are All Pastors Televangelists Now?
What Billy Graham, Fred Rogers, Mother Angelica, and others can teach us about delivering sermons to a camera.
Jon Tyson: ‘Run into the Controversy’
Why the NYC pastor's goal is “to winsomely offend everybody.”
If You Want to Reach Skeptics, Start Your Sermon Preparation with Distress
Paul’s model for preaching with a missional edge.
The Absence of Injustice Is Not Justice
Acting affirmatively on the side of racial justice affirms the truth of the gospel.
Evangelism: Reconsidering Our Approach in a Pandemic
Pursuing creative, personal opportunities for evangelism during COVID-19.
The Apostle Paul: Partnership in Evangelism and Mission Part Two
Overcoming the inhibitors of ministry through the Apostle Paul's teachings.
Your Unbelieving Friends Need More Stories Than Syllogisms
Why serving up a diet of hard, rationalistic Christianity might be counterproductive.
Personal Evangelism When Personal Space is a Premium
Social distancing does not need to slow down the spread of the gospel.
Russian Evangelicals Fined for ‘Missionary Activity’ During Pandemic
Offenses include passing out tracts and telling people to invite friends to hear the gospel.
I Went in Search of My Jewish Heritage. Along the Way, I Found the Messiah.
How a mysterious book inscribed with a mysterious phone number changed the course of my life.
The Apostle Paul: Partnership in Evangelism and Mission Part One
Four Pauline Principles for Mobilizing Believers to Evangelism
Died: Édouard Nelson, a French-American Church Planter Who Wanted Secular Parisians to Know the Gospel
The vice president of the Evangelical Council of Churches in France was passionate about training and equipping the next generation of leaders.
He Loved Muslims Because He Loved Jesus. The Bible Showed Him How.
Remembering the pilgrimage and legacy of Rick Love, who founded Peace Catalyst after years as international director of Frontiers.
Satellite Ministries Cross Boundaries. That’s Their Promise and Peril.
From democratic Israel to theocratic Iran, Christian TV defends its right to exist.
Tebusan Dari Dialog Antaragama
Tiga evangelis bergulat dengan kesaksian penuh iman dalam percakapan dengan umat Islam.
Died: Peter Maiden, Who Saw Expanded Role for International Leadership in Global Missions
The British evangelical led Operation Mobilisation through time of transition.
A redenção do diálogo inter-religioso
Três evangélicos lutam para manter o testemunho fiel em conversas com muçulmanos.
I’m a Professional Evangelist. This Book Reawakened My First Love.
After reading Rebecca Manley Pippert’s follow-up to “Out of the Saltshaker,” I’ve never been more excited to talk about Jesus.

Top Story October 1, 2020

The Balkan Bright Spot in God-Linked Morality
The Balkan Bright Spot in God-Linked Morality
As Americans lead decline in agreeing good values require belief in God, Bulgaria bucks the global trend.

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