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Compelled to Share: Do You Have a Urgency to See Others Know the Love of Jesus?
I couldn’t not share of this great love I had just encountered because I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else feeling like I had.
Why You Can’t Just ‘Give Them the Gospel’Subscriber Access Only
Understanding the relationship between gospel and culture is vital for evangelism
One-On-One with Matt Mikalatos on Good News for a Change
If gospel really means “good news,” we shouldn’t be surprised that most people will be delighted to talk about it.
9 Common Social Media Tactics That Never Draw Anyone Closer To Jesus
For most, maybe all of these tactics, I can see the good motive behind it. But good intentions are not enough.
Is Your Church Really Focused on Evangelism? Maybe Not.
For pastors, avoiding the topic of evangelism cannot become the default choice.
Rosaria Butterfield: Christian Hospitality Is Radically Different from ‘Southern Hospitality’
It has nothing to do with entertainment—and everything to do with addressing the crisis of unbelief.
A Friendly Reminder: “Come To Jesus” Is More Important Than “Come To Our Church”
We have become so used to tethering evangelism to our church’s programming and attendance that we can forget they're not the same thing.
Stop Apologizing for ApologeticsSubscriber Access Only
But it might be time for it to grow up.
The Divorce & Remarriage of Evangelism and Discipleship
Jesus constantly and seamlessly integrated evangelism and discipleship into his everyday actions and into the way he spiritually formed and shaped the 12 disciples.
Billy Graham’s Death Leads 10,000 to Pray for Salvation
How the evangelist’s online memorial continues to preach the gospel.
What Will You Do Each Day to Make Our World—and Those Around You--Better?
What if we challenged ourselves to shift our focus from self-improvement to fostering community?
Mother Mary Is a Sanctuary—and So Are We
Annunciation Day invites us to be vessels of Christ in the world.
What Does Community Have to Do with Our Evangelism, Anyways? [Gospel Life Podcast]
Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus.
Do You Really Care about Evangelism? If So, You Need To Do More Than Pray
Prayer is the starting point, not the endpoint, of our journey in helping people from darkness to light.
Evangelicals Still Want to Evangelize Jews, But Not for the Same Reasons
Survey finds sharing the gospel with God’s “chosen people” is less tied to the end times.
Preparing for Rev. Billy Graham’s Memorial Service, and Reflecting on His Love for Our Hurting World
Truly effective evangelism is a matter of friendship, mentorship, and unconditional love.
How Do We Respond When Someone Mocks Us For Our Faith? [Gospel Life Podcast]
Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus.
How Billy Graham Brokered World Peace Between Evangelism and Social Justice
The evangelist partnered with John Stott on the Lausanne Movement and helped revive the World Evangelical Alliance.
The Secrets to Graham’s Success
Five factors that show why the evangelist turned the world upside down.
Someday You Will Read or Hear That Billy Graham Didn’t Really Say That
The quote that went viral after Graham’s death actually came from D. L. Moody—but he probably wouldn’t mind.
Top Story May 22, 2018
God Hates Gun Violence
God Hates Gun Violence
We American Christians have a biblical call to reduce firearm deaths in our land.
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