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Trump Becomes the First President Since Eisenhower to Change Faiths in Office
Like many Christians switching churches, he now identifies as nondenominational.
The Alpha-Male Style in American Evangelicalism
A historian asks whether a warped view of masculine authority has corrupted our faith and political witness.
Share the Gospel with Prisoners. Then Apply It to the System.
Evangelicals are superb at the first task. To what extent do they embrace the second as well?
Old Books Are Strange and Threatening. That’s Why We Should Read Them.
Alan Jacobs shows how to resist the pull of the present by engaging ideas from the past.
The City That Never Stops Worshipping
Though some have likened it to Sodom and Gomorrah, New York City has a long history of religious vibrancy.
The Church Mothers Teach Us to Delight in Scripture
Monica and Macrina didn’t just influence Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa. They were biblical interpreters in their own right.
10 Things We Learned about Medicine and Illness in Bible Times
Insights for Covidtide from "The Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical and Post-Biblical Antiquity."
Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and Obama All Cited One Puritan Sermon to Explain America
How did a forgotten colonial text become a national origin story?
Monuments Can Be Destroyed, but Not Forgotten
Our most controversial stone statues carry layers of communal history that aren’t easily cast aside.
Digging Stopped in Ancient Biblical Cities
For US archaeologists, major discoveries will have to wait until next year, at least.
An Unsung Inspiration for the Protestant Reformation: the Ethiopian Church
For the Reformers, renewing the church was a Pentecost moment tied to the global body of Christ.
O Antigo Testamento grita contra a cultura do cancelamento
A Bíblia apresenta personagens imperfeitos, chamados para fazer a vontade do Senhor.
A Beacon of Hope in a Broken Beirut
The oldest Arabic-speaking Protestant church in the Middle East has survived worse crises than the recent Lebanon explosion.
Why One Texas Pastor Believes Racial Justice Should Start with Stories
Candid accounts of the daily grind of oppression are a first step toward national healing.
The Old Testament Calls Out Cancel Culture
The Bible features flawed characters called to do the will of the Lord.
An Attack on Faith-Based Exemptions Is an Attack on the Founders’ Vision
A historian’s “intentionally provocative” account of religious liberty in America leaves too little room for claims of conscientious dissent.
Hagia Sophia’s Muslim Prayers Evoke Ottoman Treatment of Armenians
As Turkish president Erdoğan joins hundreds in celebration, Christians in the diaspora mourn their lost homeland and cultural heritage.
American History Is Not Canceled
While Christians can’t erase the church’s slaveholding past, we can change the symbols, statues, and namesakes we celebrate.
D. L. Mayfield: The American Dream Makes Four False Promises
The writer and activist measures them against the promises of Scripture and finds them wanting.
‘오순절주의자’라는 용어로는 설명할 수 없을 만큼 커진 그들
세계 교회의 25퍼센트 이상이 “성령 능력 받은 기독교”라는 새롭고 논쟁적인 이름으로 불릴 수 있는 그리스도인들이다.

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