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Meet the TikTok Generation of Televangelists
These young influencers want to #MakeJesusViral.
Who Preaches on Politics? Most Pastors.
Study of 100,000 sermons shows gospel applied to economics, war, welfare, and other current issues.
One-on-One with Daniel Darling on 'A Way With Words'
How do Christians glorify God with our words, in person and online?
Unliked Likes: Cancelling Pastor Chris Hodges and Church of the Highlands
Some social media "likes" gets Church of the Highlands kicked out of some public schools they were renting, but such cancel culture is the wrong answer.
Conspiracy Theories, Engaging Online, and Wisdom: The Intersection of the Three and How to Respond Biblically
While social media offers amazing opportunities to connect and learn, it seems that every new day brings new stories of awfulness.
Where Do White Evangelicals Get Their Coronavirus News? The White House
While most agree with the response from public health officials, confidence in the Trump administration outweighs the news media.
Largest Christian Radio Company Faces Financial Crisis Due to Coronavirus Downturn
Salem Media makes cuts as more churches and ministries pull spending during the pandemic.
Relevant Details Missing as Cameron Strang Returns
The Christian magazine had halted publication without informing subscribers and has shared little about its founder’s sabbatical.
Knock Knock. It's Weird Evangelical Twitter.
Online, millennial Christians embrace the absurd.
A Little Bird Told Me ...
Ministry wisdom can be found anywhere, even on Twitter.
So Your Small Church Live-Stream Stinks – Here’s Why That’s Okay
If you want to make a real difference, don’t get bogged down in the details of video streaming.
Medium Matters
Like Christians of old, we’re embracing the new.
Ex-Christian Post Publisher, Bible College Convicted in $35M Fraud Scheme
The money laundering case left a Christian media network out of business and Olivet University owing $1.25 million.
Planned Parenthood Wins $2.2M Suit Against Pro-Life Investigators
The jury said the undercover activists who exposed the organization’s sale of fetal parts could not use journalism as a defense.
Expanding the Digital Footprint of Our Churches
We have an opportunity to provide countless people with the hope of the gospel.
Study: Babylon Bee’s Satire Gets Shared by People Who Think It’s Real
The truth is, parsing political parody on the internet isn’t straightforward.
The ‘Jeykll and Hyde’ Church: The Long Journey Back to Our Mission
Why does it seem the church is unable to be who she is called to be?
We’re Not from Here
In the same way Dorothy longs for Kansas, the Church longs for the New Jerusalem.
The Call to Self-Discipline in a Media-Saturated Age
Our society is addicted to spectacle. How do we keep our eyes are fixed on Christ?
Staying on Mission in the Age of Outrage
How do Christians respond in a Christ-honoring way to a world awash in division and hostility?

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