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Baby Blues: How to Face the Church’s Growing Fertility Crisis
If current rates continue, most religious communities in America will shrink by more than half within three generations. But nondenominational Christianity might buck the trend.
Рассел Мур став головним редактором Christianity Today
Також до нас приєднався Джой Олмонд, який вже давно працює у сфері управління видавничою діяльністю. Він відповідатиме за стратегічне бачення служіння.
Рассел Мур стал главным редактором Christianity Today
Рассел Мур стал главным редактором Christianity Today
나를 본받으라: 바울의 멘토링 모델
권력 중심 접근법과 달리, 건강한 기독교 멘토링은 관용과 신뢰로 특징 지어진다.
폭력적인 세상을 위한 15가지 기도
고통에 지친 시대에 우리는 어떻게 기도할 수 있을까요?
Russell Moore: nuevo editor jefe de Christianity Today
Joy Allmond, ejecutiva con amplia experiencia en el ámbito editorial, también se incorpora para impulsar la visión del ministerio.
크리스채너티 투데이 러셀 무어 편집장 임명
오랜 기간 출판 책임자로 일한 조이 올몬드도 비전을 이루기 위해 합류했다.
Bagaimana Seharusnya Kita Berdoa Saat Menderita?
Apa yang tampaknya seperti “bersandar pada Allah” sebenarnya bisa menjadi sebuah topeng kemunduran.
Christianity Today nomeia Russell Moore como editor-chefe
Joy Allmond, experiente editora-executiva, também se juntou à CT para promover a visão do ministério.
The Hardship Is Plentiful But the Workers Aren’t Few: Evangelicals Unite on Ukraine
20 European groups join as focus shifts to the internally displaced and their long-term trauma.
Moral Failings in the Pulpit Lead to Moral Injury in the Pews
Church and pastoral abuse can trigger a unique form of PTSD.
Nondenominational Churches Are Adding Millions of Members. Where Are They Coming From?
It’s not mainline traditions anymore.
Assemblies of God Ordains Record Number of Women
There is work to do and some of those God has called to do it are female, Pentecostal leaders say.
The Leaders We Choose
長期從事出版工作的高管喬伊·阿爾蒙德(Joy Allmond)也加入CT,推進我們的事工願景。
长期从事出版工作的高管乔伊·阿尔蒙德(Joy Allmond)也加入CT,推进我们的事工愿景。
Christianity Today Names Russell Moore Editor in Chief
Longtime publishing executive Joy Allmond also comes on board to advance the vision of the ministry.
The Body of Christ Keeps Score
Only revival with reformation can heal the American church from its spiritual trauma.
Foursquare Abuse Response Ignites Fight over Transparency
An investigation found a “culture of unchecked power” at a Virginia college. Denominational leadership has declined to speak about it publicly.

Top Story August 11, 2022

Why We Preach for Proper Names
Why We Preach for Proper Names
The local church is small and placed for a reason.

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