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그리스도인들이 포옹을 해야 하는 이유
세균에 대한 혐오감을 최대한 이용할 수 있을까? 한 심리학자가 팬데믹 시대에 접촉의 위험과 이점을 논한다.
Adopted Children Have Already Been ‘Re-Homed’
A therapist and adoptee asks: Are we seeking to serve or be served by our children?
Por que este é o momento do “abraço lateral” do cristão
Será que o nosso medo de germes terá vantagem sobre nós? Um psicólogo avalia os riscos e os benefícios do toque humano em uma pandemia.
How Sports Ministries Can Uniquely Offer Fitness This Summer
Accounting for risks, churches can safely offer exercise opportunities during COVID.
How Artificial Super-Intelligence Is Today’s Tower of Babel
Mimicking the human brain might be man’s search for significance in himself.
Why This Is the Christian Side Hug’s Moment
Will our disgust for germs get the best of us? A psychologist weighs the risks and benefits of human touch in a pandemic.
The Masked Singers and BYO Communion?
Wherever two or more gather, illness can spread. So as a biologist, I'm rethinking hygiene at church.
How God’s Glory Shines in Our Connectedness to Nature
When considering the birds, we find God’s care and discover our calling.
Эксперт по глобальному здравоохранению предлагает поэтапный план возобновления церковных собраний в условиях пандемии.
NIH Director Francis Collins Wins $1.3M Templeton Prize
The pioneering geneticist offers an ‘intellectual synthesis’ of faith and evolution.
Sa Muling Pagbubukas ng Inyong Bahay-Panambahan, Alamin Kung Paano Magsasama-sama ng Ligtas
Nagmumungkahi ang isang global health expert ng detalyadong gabay-panuntunan para sa muling pagtitipon ng mga kongregasyon sa gitna ng pandemic na ito.
The Wonder and Terror of Hearing God’s Voice in a Disaster
When Mount St. Helens erupted, plants returned amid ruin. This pandemic holds the same glory.
The Humbling of a Proud Hindu
How God got my attention when I thought I was too good for grace.
عندما تفتح كنيستك كيف تلتقي بأمان
يقترح خبير صحة عالمي خطة مرحلية لإعادة تجمع رعايا الكنائس وسط هذا الوباء.
Comment votre Église peut rouvrir en toute sécurité
Un expert en santé mondiale suggère aux Églises un plan en différentes phases pour leurs rassemblements pendant cette période de pandémie.
Cuando su iglesia vuelva a abrir sus puertas: Una guía sobre cómo reunirse de forma segura
Un experto mundial en salud sugiere un plan en fases para las congregaciones que van a comenzar a reunirse nuevamente en medio de esta pandemia.
This Pandemic Hits Americans Where We’re Spiritually Weak
Our cultural values are making us sad: money, mortality, and fear of missing out.
Como sua igreja pode reabrir com segurança até surgir uma vacina contra o coronavírus
Especialista em saúde global sugere plano em etapas para congregações voltarem a se reunir durante a pandemia.
교회 재개 시 안전하게 다시 만나려면
여전히 해결되지 않는 상황 속에서 회중 예배 재개 시 적용할 단계별 제언

Top Story July 10, 2020

The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.

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