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Rewatching ‘Spider-Verse’: A Theological Response to the Possibility of a Multiverse
A new book explains Stephen Hawking’s physics yet points to the manifold wisdom of God.
It’s Hard to Close Black Churches amid COVID-19
African American clergy respond to pandemic with unique considerations of culture, history, and faith values.
Should Your Church Stop Meeting to Slow COVID-19? How 3 Seattle Churches Decided.
A global health expert offers tools for your congregation to respond now.
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For Me, Science and Faith Are the Same Adventure
A virologist reflects on being female and Christian in the sciences.
How to Build Trust in Science Within the Black Church
Q&A: Minister and scholar Cleve Tinsley says conversations should address history of inequality and include representation from black scientists.
Going Vegan for Lent Can Orient Us to Christ’s Calling
Following church tradition and the Bible could help us steward creation through our diets.
How the Forest Inspired Me to Stay in Church
Church failures uproot congregations. But we're reminded by ecology that strength is found in community connection.
Confident or Not?
Why Do Fewer Christian Women Work in Science?
Sociologists explain the data behind the gender gap in STEM careers.
Twelve Christian Women in Science You Should Know
From studying dinosaur bones to creating digital assistants, these women see research as their calling.
Georgia Dunston
Jessica Moerman
Mary Schweitzer
Margaret Miller
Joanna Ng
Mercy Akinyi
Lydia Manikonda
Keila Natilde Lopez
Audrey Bowden
Erica Carlson

Top Story March 31, 2020

Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Two Christian bioethicists on life or death issues that American doctors may soon face.

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