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It's Time to Seat Justice Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett is a good choice, and widely affirmed by people of faith, including me.
Amy Coney Barrett’s Message: The Maternal Hero Is a Myth
The trope of mother as superparent is a resounding rejection of grace.
The Courts Alone Can’t Protect Christian Colleges
Fuller Seminary’s recent win is worth celebrating. But the legal rights of faith-based schools are still at risk.
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Amy Coney Barrett and the Christian Legal Community
How the Supreme Court nominee reflects the movement’s shifting values and priorities.
The Supreme Court Isn’t All Powerful
When it comes to religious liberty, culture matters more than judicial rulings.
The People of Praise, Charismatic Catholics, and Fringe Religious Groups
A brief introduction to the charismatic Catholics and People of Praise, in the news now due to Amy Coney Barrett's nomination.
Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic and Scalia Protégé, Nominated by Trump
With an abortion record opposite Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s, Barrett has said her faith does not shape her decisions behind the bench.
Why the Supreme Court Makeup Matters Beyond Abortion
Legal experts cite religious freedom and free speech among the major issues for evangelicals in a post–Ruth Bader Ginsburg court.
Some Things Mean More: The Friendship of Ginsburg-Scalia
How do we foster friendships that transcend polarization?
The Supreme Court Needs to Be Less Central to American Public Life
Here’s what evangelicals should expect—and not expect—from the highest court in the land.
The Kingdom of God and the Supreme Court of the United States
Thoughts on the kingdom of God and the common good.
Supreme Court Rejects Nevada Church’s Appeal to Reopen Like Casinos
Conservative justices say 50-person limit for houses of worship is “obvious discrimination.”
What the Ministerial Exception Will Mean for Religious Employers
For Christians who despaired over recent Supreme Court rulings, the Our Lady of Guadalupe decision has a lot to offer.
Where Two or More Are Gathered, the First Amendment Should Protect Them
Why voluntary organizations deserve the same rights to speech, religion, and assembly as individuals.
Have Pro-Lifers Lost the Supreme Court Fight?
What's ahead for abortion opponents after another frustrating decision.
Supreme Court Dismisses State Ban on Public Funding for Religious Schools
Update: Could a Montana school choice case be the end of Blaine amendments?
Supreme Court Rejects Louisiana Abortion Regulations
John Roberts joins liberal justices, citing precedent.
Priest Balances Christian Conviction and Legal Strategy in DACA Case
An Episcopalian law student on the team behind the Supreme Court victory and a Southern Baptist pastor are among the Dreamers celebrating Thursday’s decision.
Bostock Is as Bad as You Think
We cannot stake religious liberty on a "wait and see" approach.
LGBT Rights Ruling Isn’t the Beginning of the End for Religious Liberty
Social conservatives liked Neil Gorsuch before they didn’t. Maybe they were right the first time.

Top Story October 25, 2020

Died: Luci Swindoll, Who Believed in God’s Grace and Being Herself
Died: Luci Swindoll, Who Believed in God’s Grace and Being Herself
Woman of Faith speaker celebrated life of singleness.

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