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What the Bible Says About QAnon
The powerful are scheming. The biggest truths have been hidden. Did the apostle Paul love conspiracy theories?
Martin Luther: Whether One May Flee From A Deadly Plague
Read in full the famous reformer’s advice on Christian faithfulness amid pandemics like the coronavirus.
Martin Luther Helps Us See Divine Love in Pandemic Suffering
The German reformer would call COVID-19 an "alien work of God."
Donald Dayton: The Heart Makes the Theologian
The Wesleyan Methodist scholar pushed for “opening up the ecumenical door" to all traditions.
Quando a doutrina deve dividir e quando a unidade deve prevalecer?
Como a “triagem teológica” nos ajuda a escolher nossas batalhas em questões de fé.
Kapan Doktrin Memecah Belah, dan Kapan Persatuan Menang?
Bagaimana "teologis triase" menolong kita untuk memilih peperangan dalam hal iman.
The Last Tear
God’s immense love is seen in his care for the minute sorrows of his people.
The Last Enemy
How confident are we that we will find one another on the far side of the veil?
This Is Your Soul on Zoom
Many technologies we cursed months ago for driving us apart we now bless for holding us together.
Shepherding in Life’s Parentheses
I found holy purpose in the interruptions to my work.
To Those Who’ve Lost Loved Ones
Faith is the gravity of grief, the ground of ultimate reality.
The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes
We strain against the limits of human reason when we look for a source of suffering.
When Should Doctrine Divide, and When Should Unity Prevail?
How “theological triage” helps us pick our battles on matters of faith.
Chrétiens, Aplatissons la Courbe Mais Restons une «Religion pour les Malades»
Les médecins réfléchissent théologiquement à trois contributions chrétiennes uniques pour faire face au COVID-19.
The God of Small Things
No concern is too little for his loving care.
A Time to Refrain from Embracing
We cannot be ourselves apart from those we love.
La esperanza de la Resurrección se extiende más allá del domingo de Pascua
Incluso cuando la muerte se avecina, las Buenas Nuevas permanecen.
부활의 소망은 부활주일에 그치지 않습니다
죽음이 엄습할 때도 우리에겐 좋은 소식이 있습니다.
The First Gift Ever Given
What do we learn when we are forced to confront our own mortality?
A Esperança da Ressurreição Se Estende Além do Domingo de Páscoa
Mesmo quando a morte vem, a Boa Nova permanece.

Top Story May 28, 2020

You Are What You Sweep
You Are What You Sweep
Why being made of dust is both terrifying and encouraging.

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