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The River of Justice Flows Downhill
We can make modest progress through human effort, but only God can deliver true equity.
Why Do Some People Think Jesus Was a Racist?
They point to his dialogue with the Syrophoenician woman. But the story shows the opposite of what they claim.
The Bible Doesn’t Come with Instructions. But We Still Need Guidance to Handle It Well.
Michael Bird offers a trusty primer on reading and understanding God’s Word.
Having Polio Was a Privilege, Not a Punishment
How a passage in John’s gospel transformed my perspective on God and suffering.
Even When Money Is Tight, Churches Have More Resources Than They Realize
How “redemptive entrepreneurship” can multiply the impact of cash-strapped ministries.
Brokenness to Beauty
CT’s new initiatives to bind the fractured church together again.
5 Books to Awaken Interest in Christian History
Chosen by Jennifer Woodruff Tait, editor of “Christian History” magazine and author of “Christian History in Seven Sentences.”
How to Have Patriotism Without Nationalism
Christians have always been called to love place and neighbor over the power of state.
Gleanings: June 2021
No More ‘Evangelical Vatican’: Christians Rebuild Relationship with Colorado Springs
It’s one thing to tell the city that you’re there for its good. It’s another to show it.
Is Jemar Tisby’s Bestselling Book About Racism a Fluke?
Publishers tried for years to get evangelical readers to care. Then one succeeded.
Church History Is a Beautiful Melody Imperfectly Performed
How the message of Christ resonated through the centuries, even at moments when his followers failed to keep the tune.
Patrons’ Saints: Christians Turn to Patreon, Substack, and Kickstarter
As more evangelical figures embrace crowdfunding, is the format demanding too much of them?
After Angela Merkel, German Evangelicals Weigh Political Values
Voting guides have been replaced by discussion questions as Christians consider the future.
Christian College Boards: Stay Strong on Sexual Ethics
CCCU schools are facing intense pressure. But it’s an opportunity, not a siege.
‘Pray Away the Gay’ Has Gone Away. Why Are Governments Trying to Stop It?
Nations around the globe are pushing bans on conversion therapy, some without defining what it is.
Interview: Reopening Muslim Minds to Freedom and Tolerance
Mustafa Akyol explains why his new book explores the history of apostasy laws, the sayings of Muhammad, and the prospects for greater pluralism in the Islamic world.
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Responses to our April issue.
Why Church Can’t Be the Same After the Pandemic
As we gather again, congregants bring the weight of trauma and tensions built up over more than a year spent apart.

Top Story June 21, 2021

US Evangelicals Promise Prayers and Support for Israel’s New Prime Minister
US Evangelicals Promise Prayers and Support for Israel’s New Prime Minister
Letter welcomes Benjamin Netanyahu’s successor after Friends of Zion founder pledged to oppose the incoming leader.

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