A World Without Easter
Everything is different because Jesus rose again. But do we live as if we understand he is alive?
Praying in the Shadow of Gethsemane
What Jesus’ midnight prayer in the garden tells us about cosmic conflict in the supernatural realm.
The Steep Price of Pilate’s Fame
Billions know the Roman governor’s name. But he didn’t know the very son of God standing before him.
The Myth Behind the Meaning of Paul’s Words on Women and Childbearing
Sandra Glahn studies the record of an Ephesian goddess to aid our reading of a challenging passage.
Why Character Doesn’t Matter Anymore
The “cheerful prudery” of Ned Flanders has given way to vulgarity, misogyny, and partisanship. What does this mean for our witness?
Why Every Day This Week Is Holy
Christians should celebrate from Palm to Easter Sunday—and everything in between.
Fasting from Food in a Land of Plenty
Abstaining from eating confronts the cultural lies we believe about our bodies.
Harnessing the Power of Europe’s Migrant Churches
A seminary professor from Sierra Leone shares how African arrivals are changing the church in Belgium and the rest of the continent.
Let’s Not Give Up Meetings on the Church Calendar
What if we ordered our habitual gatherings around Christ and the gospel story more than twice a year?
Metaphors Have a Power That’s More Than Metaphorical
Joy Clarkson peels back the veil of overfamiliarity from commonplace expressions and images.
The Sentence from C.S. Lewis That Could Change Your Life
Aslan is fictional, but the real Lion of Judah reminds us that we’re forgiven.
Fractured Are the Peacemakers
A Christian reconciliation group in Israel and Palestine warned that war would come. Now the war threatens their relevance.
Churches Shouldn’t Outsource Apologetics to Slick Conferences
When it comes to defending the faith, local congregations have long been the first line of defense.
She Wrote Love Stories. Then Her Marriage Ended.
How a romance author journeyed with God through an unwanted divorce.
The First Apostle’s Unlikely Witness
Mary Magdalene was a recipient of grace with a story to proclaim.
Will ‘Complementarianism’ Survive?
I want to continue to call myself a complementarian. But we need to reclaim the term.
Egalitarianism Is More Than a PR Statement
Are churches moving to an egalitarian model truly embracing female leadership?
Complementarian at Home, Egalitarian at Church? Paul Would Approve.
The biggest New Testament passages on gender roles may have more to do with marriage than ministry.
Gender Roles Beyond the Western Church
Scott W. Sunquist calls the American church to observe the diversity in ecclesiologies around the world.
The Body of Christ Cannot Be Mummified
An oft-forgotten mummy in Scripture teaches us how idolatry deadens, but Jesus awakens.

Top Story April 16, 2024

More Pastors Are Leaving Ministry Over Church Conflict
More Pastors Are Leaving Ministry Over Church Conflict
But experts say it can offer opportunities for leaders and congregations to grow.

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