I Could Sing This Bridge Forever, If It’s an Antiphon
Modern worship music can seem awfully simple. But it has a vital role to play, especially when paired with Scripture.
We Still Need the Nuclear Family
Married parents and their kids have a calling that needs to be expanded, not obliterated.
The Rise of the Evangelical Heretic
Even among the faithful, Christian orthodoxy has taken a backseat to cultural and political tribalism.
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Thrill of Victory, and the Agony of Defeat
Randall Balmer seeks the religious roots of America’s passion for sports.
What Christian Colleges Can Glean from the Supreme Court’s ‘Yeshiva’ Case
The latest ruling looks like bad news for evangelical higher education, but it’s not.
Top 5 Heresies Among American Evangelicals
It’s 2022, but Arianism and Pelagianism are steadily making a comeback, according to the State of Theology report.
Don’t Quiet Quit the Church
We should continue to let ourselves be amazed by God’s good work whenever and wherever we find it.
Why Mentoring in Ministry Still Matters
The need for vocational discipleship of church leaders is more critical than ever.
I Was an 18-Year-Old Addict Carrying a Drug Dealer’s Baby
Abortion seemed like the obvious answer—until I met the Lord of life.
What Happens When You Ask Thousands of Evangelical Women About Sex
Sheila Gregoire’s research has Christians across the spectrum correcting harmful assumptions and bringing new attention to women’s pleasure in marriage.
Fuller Theological Seminary Names New President
The seminary’s sixth leader, David Emmanuel Goatley, is an academic, pastor, and missions agency leader rooted in the Black church.
Christian Celebrity Isn’t a Problem to Fix, But an Eye to Gouge Out
Katelyn Beaty’s critique of evangelical fame-worship is wise but overly tame.
What Church Splits Can Teach Us About a Dividing America
As in the past, one can learn about our nation’s political divisions by looking at our religious ones.
5 Reasons for Progressive Christians to Join the Pro-Life Cause
Our historic, global faith tradition connects sanctity of life with social justice.
Sex Scandals and the Evangelical Mind
How stories of misbehavior distort our vision of male-female friendship in the church.

Top Story October 7, 2022

Moral Middle Candidates Want to Save America (But They Keep Losing)
Moral Middle Candidates Want to Save America (But They Keep Losing)
Christians concerned about division, disinformation, and democratic norms are straining to reestablish the political center.

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