Podcast Episode 006, 35 min
Video Ministry Using Devices You Already Own, EP 006
Craig Forrest has spent decades shooting and editing film and video for ministries and network TV. He’s passionate about helping people communicate the message of Jesus in a compelling way. In this interview I talk with him about video ideas and tips that can be used in any size of church on a limited or nonexistent budget.

So in the course of three days a year, you have a media ministry. Even if you just have a cell phone, do you understand what I'm saying? You produce it all in one day then come back three or four months later with another four messages that you're ready to do. Two in the morning, two in the afternoon, and then you stagger the release of those so that you just spread it out. You've got yourself a media ministry, and all you had to do was buy lunch.

Karl Vaters: So as a small church pastor, here's what I'm hearing you tell me if I'm getting it right or wrong or what I'm missing. So I'm preaching every Sunday anyway. So as I'm preaching Sunday to Sunday, I ask a spouse or somebody in the congregation to pay attention, to say, if I've got, you know, a little story, two or three minutes, or just pay attention to myself.

Take note of that and say, hey, that would be a good standalone two to three minute story to tell. After I've collected four of those, then I take a day. Even if I'm by vocational, and Saturday's my day off. I can take one Saturday a month, oh, I mean every four months, and I'm going to spend that day—in the morning, I'm going to shoot two of these two to three minute videos. It may take me four or five shots at it, but that's okay because you just use the one that's good.

I bring along four shirts, so that each time I'm doing it with a different shirt and in a different location. So one of them's on main street. One of them's in a coffee shop, one of them's out in a field, one of them's by the lake. And each place I tell a different two to three minute story and, and you can do it front to back and then get very simple, free video software that allows you to cut the front and back off. In fact, you can do that directly on YouTube, if I understand that correctly. And then I put it up to YouTube, to the church's YouTube channel and on YouTube, they let me type in on the bottom right-hand corner or whatever, the church's website, so that it just sits there during the entire thing.

And I release one per month.

Craig Forrest: And you have a media ministry.

Karl Vaters: Yeah. So using a phone I already posses, using sermons I've already preached . . .

Craig Forrest: Or illustrations.

Karl Vaters: Yeah. Illustrations from sermons I've already preached, and taking one day every four months, I've got a new video every single month that my church can release outside the building

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August 5, 2021

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