Church Growth

Church Growth
How To Avoid The Trap That "Just A Little More" Will Fix Your Church's Problems
If you want to be happy with where God takes you, be content with where God has placed you.

Almost every pastor wants their church to be bigger.

By at least 50 to 100 percent.

Got 50 people? 100 would be great.

100? Let’s shoot for 200.

There’s a lot about that drive that’s healthy. But there’s another side that’s unsettling, uncertain and ...

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Church Growth
Why You Can't Predict Church Growth, But You Can Predict Church Failure (And, Thankfully, Church Health)
Church growth is a mystery. Church failure is predictable. Church health is what really matters.

Everyone wants the sure thing.

If we just learn the right principles, follow the latest How To Grow Your Church list, or (my favorite) “do it like the early church”, then Boom! Our church is guaranteed numerical success.

I wish.

Here’s the reality behind church ...

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Church Growth
6 Takeaways From “The Church Growth Gap” LifeWay Research Survey
We seldom see the value of smaller congregations, even when the facts show them to us.

Last week, Aaron Earls wrote a very helpful article entitled The Church Growth Gap: The Big Get Bigger While the Small Get Smaller. In it, he outlined the results of a recent survey taken by LifeWay Research.

There’s a lot of data in the survey and the article, much of ...

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Church Growth
Why Is There An Increasing Pushback Against Church Growth Principles?
As the church growth movement enters middle age, it’s time to ask some tough, but fair and necessary questions.

Recently, I've had several conversations with friends who teach church growth principles. Several of them have asked me some version of the question in the title of this article.

“Why is there so much more pushback against church growth principles lately?”

I’m ...

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Church Growth
The Problem With Using Numerical Incentives In Church Leadership
When we require the promise of numerical increase to motivate us to behave biblically, something is wrong.

If a church wants to break growth barriers, here are some of the principles pastors need to follow:

  • Equip church members to do ministry, not just have ministry done for them
  • Train the people you have to reach out to the people you don’t have
  • Be friendly and welcoming to your guests
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Church Growth
Caring Or Counting? The Pastoral Dilemma
When I’m pushing for numerical growth, I minister differently than when I’m caring for people. And not in a good way.

When it comes to pastoral ministry, I've discovered an interesting (and sometimes frustrating) paradox.

The more I care for people, the less concern I have for increasing the size of the crowd – while the more I work to increase the size of the crowd, the less caring ...

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Church Growth
More Is Only Good When It’s A Byproduct Of Better
We don’t need bigger churches. We need better churches. Then we need more of them.

More isn’t always better.

No one wants more heartache, more tragedy, or more loneliness. Unless you’re trying to write a hit country song.

In fact, it’s not just bad things we don’t want more of. No one wants more of an average meal, a typical day, or a ...

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Church Growth
If There’s No Church Growth Guarantee, Does It Even Matter What We Do?
Like saying “please,” using church growth principles makes church growth possible, not inevitable.

There’s nothing anyone can do to guarantee that any particular congregation will grow numerically.

No, I’m not being pessimistic, I’m being realistic.

There are simply no absolutes in church growth. At least not for the numerical increase of an individual congregation. ...

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Church Growth
Your Results May Vary
In church growth, as in everything, we can’t take our lead from the best examples, but from typical results.

You know those commercials where clients or patients had amazing results, only to hear a hurried voice at the end telling you “individual results may vary”?

It might be helpful if church growth books, blogs, podcasts and conferences had that, too.

The reason those ...

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Church Growth
Is Church Growth The Best Way To Make More Disciples In Your Neighborhood?
In addition to “how can we break through to the next size level?” we need to ask “is bigger really better in this situation?"
Is Church Growth The Best Way To Make More Disciples In Your Neighborhood?
Image: BLM | Flickr

Because I minister to small churches, I’m often asked, “aren’t you worried, that by supporting small churches you’ll be encouraging churches that could grow, to stay small instead?”

Yes. That is a concern. One that I’ve addressed in Small Church ...

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