Innovative Ministry

Innovative Ministry
You’re Allowed To Care About One Thing Without Campaigning For Everything
Saying “no” to some good things so you can say "yes" to other good things is an essential step in being effective.

So you’ve found something you care about.

You’re involved. You feel like you’re making a difference.

Then you post about it on social media. Not to brag, just because that’s what you do with causes you care about.

Most of the responses are positive and uplifting, ...

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Innovative Ministry
“Get More People In The Room” Is Dead. Here’s What’s Replacing It
Size is no longer considered a sign of health by the average church member or spiritual seeker.

There are very few pastors who would say that bigger churches are inherently better than smaller churches. But most pastors believe it would be better if their church got bigger.

Not only do most pastors want their churches to get bigger, they believe it’s worth an extraordinary ...

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Innovative Ministry
Why “Learn With Me” Is So Much Better Than “Learn From Me”
Don’t just teach us what you know, teach us what you’re learning.

We’re all trying to understand the most essential elements of our existence.

Life, love, faith, family, church... and toilet paper rolls (under or over?)

No one has it all figured out.

This is why teachers need to start from an attitude of humility. Especially if we’re ...

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Innovative Ministry
How To Discover Your Ministry When Your Calling Isn’t What You Expected
If you can’t do the kind of ministry that’s expected of you, try the unexpected.

One of the first steps to figuring out what you do well is to find out what you don’t do well and cross it off your list.

That’s how I ended up being the “go-to small church guy”.

No matter how hard I tried, how much I learned, how often I prayed, or how ...

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Innovative Ministry
5 Tips To Reduce Misunderstandings In An Information-Soaked Culture
No one is a perfect communicator. Even if our facts are correct, the way we say them matters.

Never underestimate the possibility that someone will misunderstand what you’re saying.

That’s always been one of my guiding principles whenever I speak or write. And it’s becoming more important every day for anyone who wants to communicate accurately, clearly ...

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Innovative Ministry
4 Unexpected, Counterintuitive Truths About Uncool Churches
When a church is blessing the people they’re called to reach, they should be celebrated, not ridiculed for not being cool enough.

In recent years, I’ve spent a lot of time ministering in churches of various sizes, styles, denominations and regions of the world.

Because most of my work involves resourcing small churches, a lot of that time has been spent in rural communities, agricultural areas and ...

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Innovative Ministry
7 Ways Preaching Bad Sermons Can Help You Preach Better Sermons
There will be times when you feel uninspired, unprepared and empty. Preach anyway.

Some skills can be practiced in private. Some have to be worked out in the hard, cold spotlight in front of other people.

Writing is the first kind of skill. You can tweak it with no one watching. For instance, I made a bunch of mistakes in this article that you will never see, ...

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Innovative Ministry
There Is No Minimum Viable Size For A Church
There have always been a whole lot of viable churches with just a handful of people in them.

What is the minimum viable size for a church?

It’s a big question. One that pastors, denominational leaders and church planters ask a lot.

But the truth is, there is no minimum viable size for a church.


What We Need A Minimum Size To Be Viable For

So why do we think there ...

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Innovative Ministry
How To Tell If A Church Is Too Big – Or Too Small
It’s never about the size of the church. It’s about the size of the mission.

Can a church be too big?


Can a church be too small?

Also, yes.

Does that mean there’s an ideal size for a church?


No Ideal Size

While there may be an ideal size for a specific type of ministry, a certain location, or a particular leadership style, there’s no overall ...

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Innovative Ministry
Great Churches Don’t Give People (Including Pastors) What They Want
Great churches don’t promise more of what we already have, they show us an entirely new way to be.

Henry Ford famously said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Today, if you were to ask the average pastor what they want, most would probably say “a bigger church.”

And if you asked the average Christian what they ...

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