What is The Grasshopper Myth?

This is the book I wish someone else had written for me when I started out in ministry. I'd have also gone back to it for help during the times I've struggled in ministry.

It challenges some of the presuppositions many have held about church growth, church size and church success. It offers real-life examples of the struggles that are unique to small churches and their leaders, and it offers practical suggestions from many sources, including my 30+ years of pastoral ministry.

It includes a 12-page Discussion Guide, making it perfect for book clubs, church staffs/boards, classrooms and more.

What's Up With the Title?

Seriously. How does a book about small church ministry end up with a title like The Grasshopper Myth?

I'll let the book answer that question for you, with this excerpt from the opening pages:

The grasshopper myth (the idea, not the book) is the lie many small church leaders tell ourselves. We see big, bigger and megachurches popping up all over the place, then when we glance back at ourselves we seem like grasshoppers "in our own eyes".

That's where the myth starts. Inside us. And that's where it has to end.

The Grasshopper Myth is available in print and as a Kindle e-book.

- Karl Vaters

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