Church Leadership

Church Leadership
Effective Small Church Metrics: Why Average Results Aren’t Typical Results
Statistics, surveys and comparative metrics are not as helpful in assessing small church health as they are in assessing big church health.

One of the challenges of pastoring in a small church is that there’s nothing typical (or normal) about anything we do.

Our schedule, our skill-set, our facilities (or lack of), our staff (or lack of), our salary (or… you get the idea…). None of it is typical. ...

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Church Leadership
Breaking Church Growth Barriers Will Not Keep You From Crashing
A plea to my fellow pastors: The body of Christ wants you healthy and whole more than we need you to perform numerically.

There’s something very sad and scary about the way too many pastors are leaving the ministry lately.

It’s never been unusual to hear about pastors dropping out of full-time ministry when the demands of the calling are different from their expectations. Especially ...

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Church Leadership
In Defense Of Longer (And Better) Sermons
How long should a sermon be? As long as it needs to be.

People don’t hate long sermons.

They hate boring sermons. Irrelevant sermons. Impractical sermons. Uninspiring sermons. Unprepared sermons. Over-prepared sermons… You get the idea.

A bad sermon can’t be short enough, but an engaging sermon can go longer than ...

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Church Leadership
Jethro, Moses And The Hands-On Pastor
In a smaller church, we can’t equip others to do hands-on ministry unless we’re hands-on ourselves.

If you want a church to grow, you need to become less of a hands-on pastor.

That’s what I’m constantly told. But it’s not entirely true. At least not for most congregations of a typical size.

The go-to Bible passage most church leaders use for this idea is the ...

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Church Leadership
4 More Church Finance Lessons I Learned The Hard Way
Money touches everything we do, but most pastors haven't been taught as much about it as we should have been.

Most pastors get a lot of training before we go into full-time ministry. We learn about theology, preaching, counseling and more.

But the one aspect of ministry that most of us get the least amount of teaching on is one that touches everything we do. Money.

Because of this, most ...

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Church Leadership
5 Church Budgeting Lessons I Learned The Hard Way
Money isn’t the goal of ministry. But it is a tool – and an important one.

Some lessons come easy. Some lessons come hard.

For many, maybe most of us, the practical financial lessons of ministry often come hard. We learn by doing – and by making mistakes. I wish I was the exception to that rule, but I’m not.

Over the years I’ve made ...

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Church Leadership
Don’t Just Build A Ministry Platform, Build A Team That Can Support It
This may be the biggest reason great ideas die too soon. We’re creating buzz, but we’re not building substance.

If you have a message, idea or product you want the world to know about, there’s never been a better time than right now to build the platform for it.

Technology has enabled anyone, anywhere to take an idea (it doesn’t even have to be a good one) and make it available ...

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Church Leadership
4 Principles To Get (And Give) Better Feedback
If we want better feedback, we can’t just be open to it, we have to ask for it. Regularly and honestly.

If we want to become better leaders we need to have good feedback. And to get that feedback, we need to find and listen to better critics.

But getting helpful feedback has one significant challenge. There is an inverse correlation between the frequency of a person’s opinion ...

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Church Leadership
8 Benefits Of Investing A Lifetime Of Ministry Into One Congregation
Longevity builds trust, which gives people a better perspective on what does and doesn’t really matter.

Pastors seem to be staying in their churches longer now than they did in previous generations.

That’s on purpose.

I know, because as of this month I’ve been ministering at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship for 26 years. When our family arrived here, our prayer was that ...

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Church Leadership
No, Pastor, We’re Not Always Right
More pastors get in trouble through pride and arrogance than maybe all other character deficits combined.

Pastors have a special place in my heart.

My father was a pastor, as was his father. And I have been in active pastoral ministry all my adult life – for almost 40 years, now.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in all those decades is that there’s nothing ...

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