Podcast Episode 21, 44 min
Church Planting For Everyone, with Peyton Jones (ep 021)

No, I'm not,

Peyton Jones: you know, it's funny because what I'm anti is what exponential would call the level three type church, which is a church that only seeks to grow by addition just by size, rather than multiplying. So when, when you look at even, you know, cause we would all agree. The first thing that the holy spirit was dropped a bomb on.

And the church of thousands was born overnight. Right? So you look at that and you go, okay, so God's not anti, you know, large churches or large movements, but that wasn't the goal. In fact, they th the holy spirit in his wisdom knew that they were going to multiply. They were going to spread out the apostle Paul was going to rise up.

He was going to hit that church man, the early church, like I'm dating myself here, but Gallagher. Hidden a watermelon with a sledgehammer and the seeds of the gospel. We're going to go splattering all over the map of the Mediterranean. And what's great about that is, you know, if you look at like Antioch, what happened?

You know, the apostles are camping out. They're the only ones that says who stay behind. Everybody else gets scattered, but they stay in Jerusalem. They hunker in the bunker. And as they're doing that, they say, Hey, we heard these reports. There's a church in unauthorized church. Outside of Jerusalem up in Antioch, we better send Barnabas up there to check it out.

Or what had happened, acts 2 42. Those that met together daily in the, in the apostles teaching and fellowship and the breaking of bread and prayer sharing their possessions. That really well discipled bunch of believers. When you spread them out, they couldn't have. But plant churches because they were so well discipled.

And so what I argue in the book is, so it's not size, that's the problem. It's actually the intentionality of the church of the churches goals to, to grow big. That's certainly not what Jesus said when he gave the great commission and say, You will grow big, go plant churches and grow them large. He basically said, go make disciples, go into all the world doing like, so there's an outward trajectory.

And before he ascends, he tells the apostles, start with Jerusalem, go to Judea Sumeria and the ends of the earth. So they had. Outer circle. Right? We have our drusen Judea Sumeria, and then we have our ends of the earth. So we're meant to spread outward, not build upward. And of course I wrote a book culture, zero, which when that got published, that's how I first heard of you.

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