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Immigration Fuels Hispanic Church Activity

Latino evangelicals have been voting Republican, but may be shifting.

In the packed sanctuary of a Hispanic megachurch, Latino evangelicals are praying for comprehensive immigration reform — and for the political clout to make it happen.

"If we just pray only and leave this place just doing that, it's not going to make the greatest difference, because in this country that God has given us, the United States of America, the way to make our voice heard is at the ballot box," the Rev. Mark Gonzalez of the Hispanic Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform tells the worshippers.

Thousands of miles away, in Chicago, Latino Catholics are also praying for immigration reform — and registering new voters after Mass.

"They want to be part of that process that somehow will determine their lives and their future," said the Rev. Claudio Diaz of the Archdiocese of Chicago. "So it's been like a jolt of energy to really have a group of people be updated, get informed, be organized."

Across the nation, Hispanic Catholic and Protestant churches have become centers ...

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