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Another U.K. Jewelry Row

Also: Supreme Court rulings, Canadian Anglicans vote on same-sex blessings, and indulgences as 'lasting souvenirs.'

Today's Top five

1. Supreme Court rulings on faith-based funds and student free speech cases
The Supreme Court handed down several rulings Monday, the second-to-last day of the term. The"Bong Hits" case, which raised concerns about schools' ability to regulate what students say on and off-campus, was decided on very narrow terms. Chief Justice Roberts said:

Student speech celebrating illegal drug use at a school event, in the presence of school administrators and teachers … poses a particular challenge for school officials working to protect those entrusted to their care from the dangers of drug abuse. The First Amendment does not require schools to tolerate at school events student expression that contributes to those dangers.

The religious element of the student's message was not addressed by the decision.

The court also voted 5-4 against taxpayers' standing to sue the White House for funding faith-based organizations' conferences and programs.

2. More Jewelry Wars in UK Another row in ...

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