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What to Watch (Updated)

On TV: N.T. Wright on Colbert, Chinese Christians on Frontline.

N.T. Wright will be on The Colbert Report tonight (11:30 p.m. eastern, 10:30 central). To whet your appetite, head over to CatholicColbert.com for some of the show's best clips on religion (well, on Catholicism, anyway).

Unfortunately, CatholicColbert.com has slowed down lately - the last post was April 22, and there's no mention, for example, of the following week's religion-heavy episode with Anne Lamott, the religion-filled May 27 episode with bits on John Hagee and a brutal interview with guest Tony Perkins, or Rick Warren's visit earlier this year.

Last night, Colbert continued his commentary on Obama's church resignation by launching "Barack Obama's Church Search." The first installment had Hindu Temple Society of North America President Uma Mysorekar on whether Obama should convert to Hinduism.

If Colbert's so-many-layers-of-irony-he-might-be-sincere shtick doesn't appeal to you, set your TiVo to record PBS's "Jesus in China," a Frontline/World documentary with Chicago Tribune China ...

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