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Activist Sentenced For Threats Against Pro-Life Leaders

Pro-choice advocate who threatened to kill Frank Pavone and Robert George receives 41-month federal prison term.

Abortion activist Theodore Shulman will serve 41 months in federal prison for threatening to kill Priests for Life director Frank Pavone and Princeton University's Robert George in 2010. Shulman pleaded guilty to "one count of transmitting a threat to injure another person" in May.

The threats occurred in January 2010, when Shulman commented on a Catholic news site that someone would kill Pavone and George if Scott Roeder, on trial at the time for killing abortionist George Tiller, were acquitted. Roeder later was convicted, and Shulman was arrested in February 2011.

In a Federal Bureau of Investigation press release Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara stated, "The vibrant exchange of ideas that is a hallmark of our society does not include threats. As Theodore Shulman's sentence makes clear, advocating one's point of view through threats of violence is illegal conduct that will be punished."

CT previously reported on George Tiller's death, as well as the link between abortion violence ...

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