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Is the Bible Immoral? Messiah College Professor Says Yes, Sometimes

Eric Seibert: "Not everything in the 'good book' is either good, or good for us."

According to Messiah College professor and author Eric Seibert, misuse of the Bible is not just Christians' fault. Rather, the problem "runs right through the pages of Scripture itself."

In a recent Patheos blog post, Seibert writes that the Bible "has been used to justify warfare, oppress women, condemn gays and lesbians, support slavery, and legitimate colonization, to name just a few of its troubling legacies."

It's an old discussion, and Seibert notes that "Most Christians would attribute this misuse of the Bible to faulty interpretations and misguided interpreters." But that's not the only problem, he says. "At times the Bible endorses values we should reject, praises acts we must condemn, and portrays God in ways we cannot accept."

As a result, he argues, Christians have a moral obligation to critique Scripture and condemn what is immoral," he states.

Seibert's claims about the nature of Scripture are rare among professors at evangelical colleges, albeit not entirely new; the call for ...

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