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Major Hate Speech Ruling in Canada Affirms Biblical Principle

Canadian evangelicals find reason to cheer Supreme Court's unanimous ruling against Christian who distributed anti-gay pamphlets.

The Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ruled yesterday that a Saskatchewan Christian who distributed anti-gay pamphlets "violated the province's human rights rules." However, the ruling encouraged Canadian evangelicals because it also narrowed the definition of hate speech, striking down some sweeping, unconstitutional language.

"The court struck out terms used in the hate speech provision ... that concerned something more akin to hurt feelings," said Don Hutchinson, vice president and general legal counsel with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, which intervened in the case. He continued:

"The decision touched on different aspects of freedom of religion and concluded that the Bible could not be considered as hate speech. The court is clear that Bible passages, biblical beliefs and the principles derived from those beliefs can be legally and reasonably advanced in in public discourse. Essentially, the court affirmed the biblical principal of telling ‘the truth in love,' while cautioning ...
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