December 2007

The End of the Year, The End for Two Longtime ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Two longtime Chicago-area churches call it quits
3 Strategies to Avoid Time Wasters in the New Year
3 Strategies to Avoid Time Wasters in the New YearSubscriber Access Only
An inventory to stay focused and on task.
Deion Sanders, Devin Hester, and MentoringSubscriber Access Only
If only those in ministry could find a mentoring relationship like the one these NFL stars share.
Learning to Love Israel's GodSubscriber Access Only
My favorite Old Testament passage: Numbers 13-14
Beautiful, Messy ChurchSubscriber Access Only
5 Questions for Rick McKinley
It’s Not About Gay RightsSubscriber Access Only
If the church doesn't shepherd people through questions of sexual identity, sociology and psychology will.
Advent Conspiracy VideosSubscriber Access Only
Challenge your congregation and share the real meaning of giving this Christmas.
What are some effective ways to navigate heated discussions about the way the church budget gets allocated?Subscriber Access Only
Gary D. Fenton is senior pastor of Dawson Memorial Baptist in Birmingham, Alabama.
Favorite Articles of 2007Subscriber Access Only
The most popular reading on Building Church Leaders
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