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February 2008

The Glory and the Grief
Bishop John and Bishop Wright reflect on the power and great cost of following Jesus.
Highlighting Our Differences
Should churches set themselves in contrast to other congregations?
A Big Can of Worms
David Swanson reports on opening events from the National Pastors Convention.
To the Pentecostal & Charismatic Churches
An open letter to this vibrant and growing segment of the church
To the Church That Endures Persecution
An open letter to congregations with no illusions of security or peace
Listening to God's Word
We must strive to live in confident expectation of God’s voice.
The Hermeneutics Quiz
Your biblical blind spots and what you tend not to see.
Is Your Bible Big Enough? Part 2
The power of the Bible: in story and memory and more.
Pop Quiz
It's your turn to take the hermeneutics quiz.
Your Two Cents Worth
I wonder what the crowd expected to hear from Jesus.
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