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Crafty Leadership

Some of what I've learned in a decade at Leadership.

When I first started working as associate editor of Leadership journal, I asked editor Marshall Shelley, at that time a 15-year veteran of the magazine, what he had learned about leadership from editing Leadership. "Everything," he said. "Reading so many manuscripts and books and interviewing hundreds of pastors has been like a doctoral program for me." He wasn't dismissing his seminary work or his pastoral ministry prior to joining the staff here, but he was pointing to the value of the experience of thousands of pastors shared in our pages.

Now, having read 5,000 or so manuscripts and query letters sent to our office over the past nine years, I know what he means. And as I assume new responsibilities at our publishing company, I am waxing nostalgic about I have learned while holding this position of great privilege.

This is an odd little list, not complete, but simply a few of the lessons for which I'm grateful.

1. Leadership is a craft. I once worked for a television director who contended ...

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