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July 2010

10 Tips for Learning in Ministry
Lasting leaders are lifelong learners.
Ur Video: Dever & Wallis on Justice and the Gospel (Part 1)
Is racial reconciliation part of the church's mission or a distraction?
Driscoll, Avatar, and Native Justice
Mark Driscoll's rant against Avatar reveals how blind we remain toward oppressed peoples.
Multi-Ethnic Novelty
Are consumer Christians engaging justice and racial reconciliation because they're trendy?
When a Staff Person Isn't Doing the Job
Steps to follow before taking drastic measures.
Who Speaks for Evangelicals?
Do Christians even need a unified voice?
What Is Your Church Apgar Score?
A new way to measure spiritual vitality.
Does More Space Mean Better Ministry?
A new survey shows how and why church are expanding, and to what effect.
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