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The Potential of Partnerships

Is collaboration the American church's next great movement?

Enjoy this post from former Obama faith staffer Michael Wear. Be sure to also read Ur's recent interview with Michael.


Today, partnership—a simple, benign idea in general—is perhaps one of the most counter-cultural concepts in practice. Division and polarization are now common themes in our lives. This is certainly true in our nation's Capitol, where our politics is too often characterized by seemingly institutionalized gridlock and partisanship that prevents action on the issues that matter most. However, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that this spirit is not just confined to Washington. In our culture, our media, even our relationships, we often find it easier to retreat to spaces that only reaffirm our existing beliefs, rather than sincerely seeking to understand the perspective of those with whom we may disagree.

I served the President during a time of great change and challenge in this country, but I left with a greater sense of optimism and hope for our future than when ...

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