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Groundhog Day Christmas
Reclaiming wonder during the Christmas season.
Honoring Haddon Robinson
Reflections from pastors on lessons they have learned from Haddon Robinson.
Pastoral Transitions
Helping Leaders and Churches Thrive When a Successor Steps In
Why Preaching Alone Won't Change Your Church
Explore how preaching is the key technical skill that brings credibility for adaptive change. Preaching is not the change, but you can’t bring change without it.
Leaning In, Letting Go
Join author and writer, Steve Norman, and Joel C. Gregory, professor of preaching at George W. Truett Theological Seminary, to discuss tools for navigating transitions.
Cowpokes and Farmers
One innovates, one cultivates. Is there room on the range for both in church?
Where Are the Women?
How a guest's observation inspired me to develop more women leaders.
Preaching on Suffering in a 'Pain-Free' Culture
We need to understand suffering before we can preach on it.
Time to Clean House?
5 steps to unclutter your ministry
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