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What to Do When It's "Done"
If you're satisfied with your media ministry, look around you: There are plenty of other areas that could use your expertise.
Video and Song
Creating visual media to support—not distract from—songs during your service
The Copyright Blues
How to make sure your church isn't in the wrong when it comes to copyright
Before the Service Begins
Video announcements, countdowns, and other ways to put first things first
CASE STUDY: The Various Uses of Video
How can you creatively use video throughout your service?
Choose Your Own (Thanksgiving) Adventure
Thanksgiving media ideas for almost any church.
With a Little Help from My Friends
What happens when a pastor realizes his sermons are growing stale—and decides to ask for help?
Showing Dads We Care
What media can do this Father's Day
Easing In
Things to consider before using that brand-new multimedia equipment.
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