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Summer 2013: e-ministry

Volume 34, Number 3
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  • Twitter Chaplain
    Subscriber Access OnlyTwitter Chaplain
    Social media opens instant opportunities for ministry.
  • Here and There
    Subscriber Access OnlyHere and There
    New technologies are a gift from God, but not if they keep us from being fully and physically present.
  • Electronic Warfare
    Subscriber Access OnlyElectronic Warfare
    How email and blogs complicate conflict, and what to do about it.
  • Not Tweeting? Repent!
    Not Tweeting? Repent!
    Ed Stetzer on why ignoring social media is no longer an option for church leaders.
  • Discipling the Hyper-Connected
    Subscriber Access OnlyDiscipling the Hyper-Connected
    Moving a distracted generation toward Christ.
  • 'Just Unfollow Me!'
    Subscriber Access Only'Just Unfollow Me!'
    The gospel demands we engage the world, even when we feel vulnerable.
  • Tweeting My Life Away
    Subscriber Access OnlyTweeting My Life Away
    My online interactions were hurting my pastoral presence.
  • From Online to Offline
    Subscriber Access OnlyFrom Online to Offline
    How our online ministry is bringing seekers through the doors of our church.
  • Leading Online
    Subscriber Access OnlyLeading Online
    Seven ways to use social media in ministry.

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