How would you test scientifically whether man “evolved” in part by natural macromutation or by special divine creation, when new forms appeared suddenly?

Anderson: Scientific methods are very powerful in testing specific hypotheses. But it is a mistake to think they can resolve all questions. We can determine with increasing precision the genetic similarities and differences between humans and other life forms. But I cannot even imagine any kind of test by which the similarities could be used to deny God’s role or by which differences would prove his intervention. In the final analysis, it is by faith in his revealed truth that we understand that we are God’s handiwork.

How can the Genesis account of the origin of humans and the biblical teaching about man’s creation in the image of God with an immortal soul be consistent with evolution?

Anderson: The biblical record is not consistent with the view that assumes the inevitable unplanned origin of humankind. Nor does it fit with a deistic evolution in which God formed the universe in such a manner that humans would emerge later without his providential care. The Bible teaches that God, in his wisdom and power, using means that we may never fully understand, brought humans into being as unique creatures answerable to him. The meaning of the soul, immortality, and the image of God arise from the Scriptures rather than from biology (with or without evolution).

If the first created tree had rings, why couldn’t the first created deposits of uranium include its half-life element? And would not this destroy the radiometric clock and other similar devices for dating the earth?

Anderson: One might wish that God had provided us with more detailed information than he did. The statement in ...

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