There were no human witnesses to the origin of the universe. Neither were there any observers when life began, or at the origin of a single living thing. Strictly speaking, then, no theory concerning origins can be considered scientific. Creation and evolution are inferences derived from scientific evidence, and ultimately neither can be subject to observation, test, or falsification.


Each theory, however, would result in consequences imprinted in the world about us—such as the fossil record and the natural laws of the universe. The credibility of either theory, creation or evolution, must therefore be judged in light of this evidence.

Based on this, the most consistent model of origins should be judged scientifically to be scientifically the best model. Since all ideas concerning origins basically fall within these two models, one or the other must be true.

The theory of evolution is an attempt to explain the origin of the universe strictly on the basis of mechanistic, naturalistic processes without the intervention of any outside agency. According to this notion, the universe may have begun with the explosion of a super-dense cosmic egg. The result was the present highly ordered, highly complex universe, with perhaps a hundred billion galaxies and millions of incredibly complex species here on planet earth.

The late Prof. Harlow Shapley of Harvard University stated, “Some people piously proclaim, ‘In the beginning, God.’ I say, ‘In the beginning, Hydrogen.’ ” Shapley believed that starting with hydrogen (which resulted from the Big Bang), natural laws, and sufficient amounts of time, one could explain the origin of everything. Of course, he could do no such thing, but this notion was at least consistent ...

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