• We deny that a proper understanding of the love and justice of God warrants the hope of universal salvation.
  • We affirm that the life of a human being begins at conception (fertilization) and continues until biological death; thus, abortion (except where the continuance of the pregnancy imminently threatens the mother’s physical life), infanticide, suicide, and euthanasia are forms of murder.
  • We deny that killing in self-defense, in state-administered capital punishment, or in wars justly fought, is necessarily a violation of the sanctity of human life.
  • We affirm that in the marriage pattern ordained by God, the husband as head is the loving servant-leader of his wife, and the wife as helper in submissive companionship is a full partner with her husband.
  • We deny that homosexual practice can ever please God.
  • We deny the kingdom of God can be established by the power of civil governments.
  • We affirm that God, who is just and loving, has a special concern for the poor in their plight.
  • We affirm that mankind’s dominion over the earth imposes a responsibility to protect and tend its life and resources.

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