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February 6 1987, 1987
Volume 31, Number 2
February 6
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Saying No
Public officials concerned about teen pregnancy try a “new” approach to sex education.
The Crayon Man
For 26 years American’s children have taught Robert Coles the meaning of his faith.
Education of the Heart
What Robert Coles called his “return to the Sermon on the Mount” has also been characterized by Emory University president James T. Laney as an “education of the heart.” While the following remarks were directed toward secular colleges and universities, they nevertheless express the challenge—and distinctives—of Christian institutions of higher education: the teaching of truth within a biblical and moral framework.
Ministry amid Adversity
Pastors and Christian leaders in Nicaragua cite poverty and civil war as their biggest obstacles.
The Bible and Current Issues
The International Council on Biblical Inerrancy held its final summit of scholars late last year. At the meeting, some 300 inerrantists produced the “Chicago Statement on Application of Scripture.” Following are excerpts from the statement.