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July 13 1998, 1998
Volume 42, Number 8
July 13
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Cover Story

China's Dynamic Church
Eyewitness reports of repression and revival.
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The Journalist in the Sedan Chair
Church Nearly Closed After Lawsuit
Church Nearly Closed After Lawsuit
One-Year Mission Changes Lives
One-Year Mission Changes Lives
Lutherans, Episcopalians Revive Talks
Lutherans, Episcopalians Revive Talks
House Rejects Prayer Amendment
House Rejects Prayer Amendment
West Bank: Persecution Reports Unfounded
U.S. team finds that Arab Christians are subject to discrimination, but not life-threatening persecution.
New Bill Threatens Freedom of Speech Religion
Winding Paths Meet—Healing and Faith Find Connection
Healing and faith find a connection.
Vote for Peace No Panacea
Vote for Peace No Panacea
Riots Traumatize Chinese Christians
Riots Traumatize Chinese Christians
Clinton Names Seiple to New Post
Clinton Names Seiple to New Post
Evangelical Released from Prison
Evangelical Released from Prison
First Protestant Church Dedicated
First Protestant Church Dedicated
Patterson's Election Seals Conservative Control
Missiology: Uncovering Christianity's Hidden History
Lies We’ve Heard Before
The same flawed arguments that legalized abortion are now used to support physician-assisted suicide.
China Mission: More than 'Ping-Pong Diplomacy'
Former NAE president Don Argue calls for engagement, not isolation.
Playing the Grace Card
Christians hold the missing key to racial reconciliation—but it won't be popular.
Karla Faye's Final Stop
How my hometown deals with being the execution capital of the world.
In the Word: What's Wrong with Spirituality?
The Gospel of Mark's prescription for spiritual sanity.
Do Demons Have Zip Codes?
The closest things to territorial spirits in the New Testament are angels, not demons.
Whatever Happened to Middle-Class Hypocrisy?
Sorry, Jimmy Olsen; middle-class morality ain't what it used to be.
Comic Relief: Dear John the Evangelist
What if the writer of the Fourth Gospel had to get his work published in today's market …
Brimstone for the Broadminded
The universal religion of humankind is: We develop a good record and give it to God, and then he owes us. The gospel is: we owe God.
Bad Things Still Happen
A concise, clear argument for how God can be both good and omnipotent.
If Christ Be Not Risen...
Scholars debate the meaning of the Resurrection.
What the Hands Reveal
His Bill of Rights sculpture shows American hands, but Wu Kwan knows his life journey has been shaped by God's hand.
Miracle Monument
Miracle Monument
Fear and Faith in the Middle East
As I remember my trip to Lebanon, I think how easy it is to write about the gospel from my serene perch in Colorado.