Columbine's Cross
I was moved by Wendy Murray Zoba's article "Do You Believe in God?" [Oct. 4] and thought it was well-thought out and powerful. But at the most crucial point, she seemed to take the position that we don't know the answers. I write of her statement, "whether the deeds of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold will be covered by the 'offense of the Cross' is beyond human ability to know."

This matter would be "beyond human ability to know" if it weren't for the fact that God has already told us. Does not the Scripture make it very clear that repentance and faith are requirements? Is there no objective standard by which God will judge and a timing that is acceptable to call upon him? By ignoring this issue, Zoba was unable to offer real hope.

Zoba wrote of her anticipation that this generation of Christian young people is being galvanized to make a difference. May they be galvanized around the truth—repentance, faith, compassion, hope now.

Joanna Lekberg
Whiteland, Ind.

In tearing down the crosses dedicated to the Columbine killers, Brian Rohrbough was restoring moral clarity to a situation badly in need of it. Greg Zanis has a lot of nerve to be "outraged" at the "defiling" of his crosses. It was he who defiled the "sacred ground" by honoring the evil monsters that made the crosses necessary.

Edward Hofmeister
Coronado, Calif.

Seldom am I riveted by a piece like I was this one. Unfortunately these horrific deeds ended in a way so that we will never know what was in these two boys' hearts. But if they had lived and God can't forgive them, then he cannot forgive you and me. The grace of the Cross is unfair in how it treats everyone. And thank God it is! This tragedy is a testimony that God can work in anything for ...

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