Hate crime complaint filed against gay activist by AFA leader

American Family Association-Michigan leader Gary Glenn opposes his state's hate crime law, but that hasn't stopped him from filing a hate-crime complaint against homosexual activist and Ferndale city councilman Craig Covey. After legislation Covey backed failed in an election last month, he said, "This vote shows that the Christian Right is down but not out yet. We might have to drive another dagger into that vampire." No investigation is under way. (See a related opinion piece in the Detroit News.)

Canada's National Post slams anti-Christian bigotry

"On Tuesday, more than a dozen protesters stormed into Mary Queen of the World Cathedral and trashed it, yelling anti-religious slurs to protest in favour of abortion and against 'patriarchal' doctrines preached by the Roman Catholic church," reports The National Post in an unsigned editorial. "What is missing, however, is media and political outrage, the usual outcry from the human rights lobby, and any talk of bringing charges of 'hate crimes.' Anti-Christian hostility is one of the last acceptable bigotries in Canada. It is observable not only in the bigots and thugs who attacked the cathedral, but also in the federal bureaucrats who instructed mourners at the Swissair crash site to make no mention of Jesus Christ, and in the Ottawa tax department's decertification of Christian charities while secular charities retained their tax-free status."

Catholics, Episcopalians, and Lutherans join in Ash Wednesday service

"The service was believed by participants to be the first time since the 16th century Protestant Reformation that bishops of the three churches had joined each other in an Ash Wednesday service," reports The ...

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