A tired but passionate Reinhard Bonnke delivered his final message Sunday night to 1.6 million Africans at the conclusion of his six-day crusade in Lagos, Nigeria—an event that stands as one of the largest gospel gatherings recorded in modern times.

German evangelist Bonnke preached a fervent yet simple message to the hundreds of thousands of people who stood jam-packed on an 80-acre open field just outside of Nigeria's commercial capital city. Some has arrived at the sight early in the morning in order to stand near the front of the platform. Others said they spent the night on the grounds.

"I am rejoicing because of a rich, rich harvest of souls," Bonnke told Christianity Today last night. Although decision cards are still being counted, the evangelist predicts that well over a million people responded to the call of salvation during the week-long meeting.

Attendance grew throughout the crusade from half a million on Tuesday night to over one and a half million on Sunday evening. According to Bonnke's organization, Christ for All Nations (CFAN), total attendance for the week reached nearly 6 million. Many returned night after night to hear Bonnke speak.

Crediting Billy Graham for showing him that anything is possible with God, Bonnke says that although the crusade's magnitude has overwhelmed him, he expected a great thing to happen. "We had reason to believe we would see a new dimension here in Lagos. I believe we will see even greater things," he said.

Bonnke's vision for Africa began when he was a young missionary serving in Lesotho, South Africa. He often shares of a strong burden that God gave him in those early years to see an "entire continent washed in the blood of Jesus." Bonnke's crusades have grown tremendously lately. ...

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