November (Web-only) 2000

Through a Glass Darkly
Through a Glass DarklySubscriber Access Only
The Big Kahuna entertains and provokes with its treatment of Christian faith in the workplace.
Election EveSubscriber Access Only
Why isn't anyone focusing on those who simply won't bother to vote?
Voting God's Way?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: More spiritual-lite TV, religious school bonds, and Scientology unplugged.
What's Your Church Brand?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Homosexual Scout official fired, Christian colleges' lukewarm adult education, and the football coach who wouldn't stop praying.
Site Hopes to Help Pastors in a Sunday Sermon CrunchSubscriber Access Only
Desperate is reeling in hits from pastors who want fresh ideas and a forum to discuss sermon topics.
Have Mercy!Subscriber Access Only
From Mercy Streets to Charlie's Angels the silver screen is full of spiritual references this week.
We May Not Know Who Is President But...Subscriber Access Only
We've got info on the souls of robots, Islam's growing influence in Southeast Asia, and the popularity of pagan groups on college campuses.
Bonnke Returns to Nigeria One Year After Tragedy
Bonnke Returns to Nigeria One Year After TragedySubscriber Access Only
Lagos crusade may become one of largest Christian gatherings ever recorded.
Bigger Decisions in FloridaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Praying for the election results, and fears in India's latest state.
One Conjoined Twin Dies After Surgical SeparationSubscriber Access Only
Remaining twin is making steady progress doctors say.
How to Get Fired In One Easy StepSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The sexiest church online, the dangers of linking to Christianity Today, and other stories from around the globe.
Tajik Church Ordered to Stop Meeting in HomeSubscriber Access Only
Officials order evangelicals to stop meeting, in spite of national law granting right to hold services in private homes.
Lutheran Bishop's Appeal from JerusalemSubscriber Access Only
Religious leader's letter requests prayer for Christians, Jews, and Palestinians in troubled region.
Top 10 Reasons to Read This BookSubscriber Access Only
A list of Christian books that changed the century introduces authors and their impact on evangelicalism.
The Horror!Subscriber Access Only
Joan Didion encounters evangelical Christianity.
WWF Smacks Down Conservative CriticSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Praying for the election results, and fears in India's latest state.
European Union Charter Omits Church HistorySubscriber Access Only
Churches across Europe decry the EU's failure to recognize Europe's religious heritage
The Evil of Two LessersSubscriber Access Only
Neither candidate made courageous choices after the election.
Mr. Rogers' Trolley Pulling Out of the StationSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Church-state standoff today in Indianapolis, and a problematic poem.
Looking for a MiracleSubscriber Access Only
Six million Nigerians join Bonnke revival.
You Have to Show Up If There's Going to Be a ShowdownSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Secret Vietnam documents on persecution reportedly leaked, and what's the real story behind the Catholic bishops meeting?
Christian Human Rights Agency Burglarized in PeruSubscriber Access Only
Stolen files contained information on more than 5,000 forced disappearances.
A Defense of Marriage ActSubscriber Access Only
Plus: What's making Indiana a hotbed of religious controversy? And other stories from mainstream media sources around the globe.
Of Characters Banished to Hell and Raptured to HeavenSubscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about Little Nicky, Left Behind: The Movie, Men of Honor, Red Planet, and other current releases.
China's Religious Freedom Crackdown Extends to ForeignersSubscriber Access Only
It is against the law for visitors to teach the Bible in China's house churches.
When I Said Marriage Was Between a Man and a Woman I Didn't Mean It Can't Also Be Between a Man and a Man...Subscriber Access Only
Plus: NCC layoffs, guarding against violence at the Indianapolis church protest, and other news stories from around the Web.
Another Nigerian State Converts to IslamSubscriber Access Only
Kebbi state will operate under shari'a next month, Kaduna state soon to follow.
Accidental RadicalSubscriber Access Only
Jan Hus's ideas seem normal now, but in his age they were revolutionary enough to merit death.
Fundamentalism RevisitedSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals would do well to remember fundamentalism as family history.
Pro-Marriage Pro-Gay Pro-blem.Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Violence cancels Christmas in Bethlehem, missionaries killed and injured in Haiti accident.
Great White North EditionSubscriber Access Only
From the Supreme Court to Parliament, Canada is a hotbed of religious controversy these days.
Giving Thanks in Plague TimesSubscriber Access Only
Philip Yancey found much to give thanks for in Donne's Devotions.
You're a Wholesome One Mr. GrinchSubscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Rugrats In Paris, The Sixth Day, Bounce, and Joseph: King of Dreams.
Billy Graham Steps Down but Isn't RetiringSubscriber Access Only
Plus:'s religion coverage, a renegade crime-fighting priest, and other stories from media around the world.
The Saga of St. ChadSubscriber Access Only
A tale of political maneuvers and positioning. Sound familiar?
The Promise of Particularity Amid PluralismSubscriber Access Only
A dispatch from the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature.
Rock-solid RelationshipsSubscriber Access Only
The Pilgrim's pastor lays the foundation for Thanksgiving.
Britain Debates Cloning of Human EmbryosSubscriber Access Only
Scientists want steady stream of stem cells for therapeutic purposes.
Global Anglican Leaders Thumb Noses at U.S. Episcopal ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Canada's anti-Christian campaign, Britain's abortion promotion program, and other stories from around the world.
Peru's Shining Path Still Taking PrisonersSubscriber Access Only
As government shifts in turmoil, thousands of forced accomplices are still unfairly imprisoned.
Liberals Sweep Canadian ElectionsSubscriber Access Only
After a swift campaign of personal attacks, Canada settles in for a long winter of discontent.
She's a Lot Like the Old Priest With One Major DifferenceSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Christian schools in Australia say they'll spank even if it's against the law, and other stories from media sources around the world.
They Do Not Like Green Grinch's Ham...Subscriber Access Only
What Christian critics are saying about How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Unbreakable, 102 Dalmatians, You Can Count On Me, and Dancer in the Dark.
Netherlands Will Be First Country to Okay Physician-Assisted SuicideSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Tufts students protest decision to allow InterVarsity chapter to stay on campus.
Tufts President Caves to Protesters—Is Christian Group in Trouble?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Pope signs on with the Harlem Globetrotters, more Indonesia violence, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the Internet.
Turkish Christians Accused of Illegal MeetingsSubscriber Access Only
Countercharges have been filed against an abusive police chief.
How Tall Was Goliath Really?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Vicente Fox's Catholicism causes worry, Miami Methodists withhold money from fund for NCC, and more stories from other media sources.
The Book Everyone Should BuySubscriber Access Only
Or at least know about, anyway.
Christmas Plans for Bethlehem ScrappedSubscriber Access Only
Escalating violence cancels millennial celebration in town of Christ's birth.

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Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.