Flanders Fest

I was more than a little disappointed by everything about "Saint Flanders" [Feb. 5], except for the cover art, which was excellent. At a time when everyone from sociologists to the Archbishop of Canterbury is praising The Simpsons, your writer is an "observant Jew" who seems to have no other credentials for evaluating the impact of Flanders and company on evangelicals than that he is acquainted with two (very conservative) families of them.

Overall, your treatment of the subject was a waste of good art.
Andrea Stutheit
Littleton, Colorado

Mark I. pinsky must be suffering from a severe case of not getting it in his commentary on Simpsons character Ned Flanders. It's evident that Simpsons creator Matt Groening draws the character to lampoon evangelical Christians and not to laud them, galvanizing those who consider people of faith to be uptight, superficial, and relentlessly annoying.
Ed Chapman
San Diego, California

I take the strongest exception to the icon on the sidebar accompanying the online article, "How Big is The Simpsons?"

As an Orthodox Christian, I wish to remind you that this desecration of an icon is deeply offensive to Orthodox Christians around the world. I demand an apology from your editorial board in writing in the next issue.

I would also suggest that you read, and publish, the decrees of the 7th Ecumenical Council, as well as some of the writings of St. John of Damascus and St. Theodore the Studite in defense of the Holy Icons. Such iconoclasm as you callously have displayed is an attack on the Incarnation of Christ himself!
Father John M. Reeves
Office of Church Growth and Evangelism
The Orthodox Church in America
State College, Pennsylvania
We intended no offense. This lighthearted cover had its serious ...
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