Clear to Venus

Andrew Peterson
Watershed / Essential

In a near photo finish between this album and Bebo Norman's Big Blue Sky, I'm going to give the edge to Andrew by a nose. His insightful songwriting features the same kind of simple-yet-profound storytelling that Rich Mullins was so renowned for. Andrew seems capable of expressing God's grace through anything, whether recalling the time he lost luggage in Kalamazoo or speaking from the perspective of a penny contemplating its meager value in the financial world. Though I'd like to see Andrew expand his musical palette in the future, this is a first-rate folk-pop album, featuring songwriting as thoughtful as any you'll find.

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Rhythms of Remembrance


I can't stop listening to this album, or praising it for that matter. Rhythms of Remembrance is a terrific electronic music album, skillfully blending techno and trance with world music influences and layering that with spoken Scripture passages. The production is top-notch and really cool, but I also appreciate the album for its multi-functionality — you can work to it, exercise to it, use it for worship, etc. Though the musical idea is not original, this is something new for Christian music, and I think it paves the way for an exciting and interesting new Christian music genre.

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Katy Hudson

Katy Hudson
Red Hill

She's just 17 years old! I have to keep reminding myself that as I listen to this stunning debut from Katy, who wrote or co-wrote every track herself. Here's a teen who easily could have come across as a second-rate Jennifer Knapp or Fiona Apple. Instead, she writes and performs alternative pop/rock with the best of ...

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