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March 5 2001, 2001
Volume 45, Number 4
March 5
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Cover Story

Tangled in the Worst of the Web
What Internet porn did to one pastor, his wife, his ministry, their life
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Fraud Trial: Ponzi-Scheme Trial Begins
If convicted, Greater Ministries defendants face massive fines, prison terms.
Giving: Protestant Giving Rates Decline
Rate of decline even worse for evangelicals, says author of study
Sex Abuse: Witness Leaders Accused of Shielding Molesters
Former and current Jehovah Witnesses question a policy they say discourages leaders from reporting abuse.
Sects: Watch Tower Undergoes Corporate Shakeup
Jehovah's Witnesses organization changing structure
Bahamas: 'Left in the Cracks'
Despite tourism boom, churches in Bahamas find no shortage of people in need.
Weather: Churches Battle Winter's Big Chill
Natural-gas increases strain church budgets across the U.S.
El Salvador: Agencies Hope Quake Opens Purse Strings
El Salvador is counting on international aid
Salvation Army Rejected
Without official recognition, ministry and the elderly suffer.
Most Religious Groups Achieve Reregistration
Russia registers more than 9,000 religious organizations, but number is only 60 percent of religious groups in 1990s.
Great Britain: Human Embryo Cloning Legalized
Religious leaders' protests go unheeded by lawmakers
India: Hindu Government Moves to Change Christian Divorce
Proposed bill would grant Christian women the right to ask for divorce if their husbands commit adultery.
Afghanistan: Taliban Threatens Converts
Afghanistan's Islamic army also says it will kill any non-Muslim seeking converts.
India: Quake Rocks Hindu Hotbed
Agencies appeal for funds to aid victims
Changing Hearts and Laws
Our recommendations for President Bush and the 107th Congress
Ma Bell, Madam
Socially responsive investors question AT&T's trafficking in hardcore smut.
Resources for the Ensnared
Christ-centered help for those struggling with Internet pornography and sexual addiction.
Small Beneath the Firmament
For my father-in-law, his place in the order of Creation was no diminishment, but the beginning of wisdom.
God at Risk
A former process theologian says a 30-percent God is not worth worshipping
Jesus Wept
God's love, mercy, passion, compassion, grief, and anger are chiseled down to two words
The Chosen People Puzzle
When it comes to relating to the Jewish people, should we dialogue, cooperate, or evangelize?
The Homeless VIPs
'Third-Culture Kids' may be one of the most neglected, and most influential, unreached people groups
Globalized Alumni
International schools, though relatively little known, teach children of some of the future's most influential people. Some alumni:
Pushing Bush Right
Conservatives gear up to lobby for their presidential priorities
Quotations to Stir Mind and Heart
In a consumer society, there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addictions and the prisoners of envy
Calling Out the Name of Jesus
What you can do to help persecuted Christians in China
Readers' Forum: The Silenced Word
Why aren't evangelicals reading the Bible in worship anymore?
Can God Reach the Mentally Disabled?
Are mentally challenged adults whose intellectual age is probably that of a 1-year-old sheltered under God's salvation?
Rx for Moral Fussbudgets
Good guilt entails more than repentance for merely personal sins
Peretti's Past Darkness
The best-selling novelist describes the tormented childhood that shaped his imagination.
'Six Flags Over Israel'
An evangelical alternative to Disney World makes a stormy debut in central Florida.
Checks and (out of) Balance
Moral truth is in jeopardy when the courts enter the business of making law.