Robertson wants to take CBN to China

Pat Robertson is in Beijing to try to get more of his Christian Broadcasting Network programs on the country's state-run television. "I hope that something positive will come out of the meeting," he tells the Associated Press. "We are seeking to see more programming for television get on the national broadcaster that would convey positive moral values that Chinese leaders support." He's also trying to expand his charities and other operations in the country—CBN already has 28 staff stationed there. Pat's support of China's one-child policy doesn't seem so out of place now, does it?

Speaking of Christianity's Ted Turner, Robertson has finally responded to Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King's repeated attacks (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) on his dealings in Liberia. "None of it is true," he says. "There is no money to the Liberian government, no money to Charles Taylor, no money for diamonds, or any corollary diamond interests … in fact, nothing except the fantasy of your writer." Robertson does admit, "According to its mining concession, [Robertson's mining operation] Freedom Gold will make available to the government of Liberia sometime in 2004 to 2006 shares which will be illiquid until such time as the company is taken public." Robertson then goes on to declare Liberia a wonderful country: "Freedom Gold has … found freedom of religion, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and what appears to be a judiciary dedicated to the rule of law. It is clear that the Clinton State Department urged upon the United Nations sanctions against Liberia which will only serve to deepen the poverty and misery of the people." Funny, but the Bush administration agrees with those sanctions, saying in its most ...

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