Welcome to the Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus

Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus
Vertical / Integrity Music

The atmosphere of Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus is as important to me as the music itself. The fun, innocent, and simple classic rock tracks (with their "la la la" choruses and bouncy beats) made me nostalgic for listening to The Kinks and watching old "Monkees" reruns in my PJs. Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus is all about having fun with God and enjoying the simple pleasures of rocking out in your garage. I think the band says it best: "God himself made rock 'n roll so we'd know what the party was like in heaven."
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Turn the Tides

38th Parallel
Warner Records

38th Parallel is often compared to the popular rap/rock group Linkin Park. While I don't care for Linkin Park's sound, I really dig Turn the Tides. The two bands launch similar two-rapper attacks of gritty nu-metal. The important difference for me is that 38th Parallel doesn't intertwine electronica in the hard rock, relying more on conventional guitars and drums. It makes them sound more artistically grounded and authentic. Turn the Tides is a terrific debut with tight hooks, head-bobbing rhythms, smooth vocals, and godly lyrics. I'm most blown away musically and lyrically by "Three Times," a song about Peter's denial of Jesus.
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Flicker Records

Pillar has quickly established itself as a major player in the genre of "rock your face off" rap metal. There's so much thumping energy in Fireproof's 11 tracks that I almost need to take a nap after listening. Lead vocalist Rob Beckley's rapping integrates incredibly with the hard-core beats, but the thing I appreciate most about this album ...

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