Raids on churches leave worshipers dead, abducted
Churches throughout Africa were the victims of deadly attacks this weekend. In Kisii, Kenya, reports The East African Standard, a "gang of about 100, armed with all sorts of crude weapons including arrows, simis and machetes," invaded a Roman Catholic Church, "attacking followers indiscriminately." Two worshipers were killed and several others injured in the attack, which reportedly lasted 90 minutes.

Cornellius Okindo, recovering in the city hospital from deep cuts, told the Standard that the mob "started attacking the faithful indiscriminately without saying a word." Some reportedly poured gasoline in the church and lit it, though early reports that the church had burned down turned out to be untrue.

The attackers were thought to be "hired goons," and the attack seems to be politically motivated as parliamentary elections approach.

Meanwhile, church attacks in Nigeria over the weekend appear to have been financially motivated. Robbers attacked a church in the Lagos suburb of Ojokoro, killing worshiper Yinka Egbe and stealing N25,000 ($200) and other items.

In Aba, Abia State, robbers severely beat, then shot a Roman Catholic priest in the groin after robbing his church. Monsignor Theophilus Okere says that when the priest was rushed to the hospital, "he was denied treatment by those on duty, who insisted it was a police case." He died from his wounds. It was the second attack on the church this year.

South Africa also experienced such terror. About ten armed men stormed a church service at Randfontein College and abducted one of the worshipers. Three vehicles were stolen in the raid.

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