Sounds like … a fusion of bluesy folk-rock and gospel, combining the classic songs of Bob Dylan with some of the best-known artists in gospel music

At a Glance … Gotta Serve Somebody successfully blends genres and pays tribute to the songs of faith by one of the great American songwriters.

Bob Dylan is familiar to everyone, either as one of America's most brilliant 20th century songwriters or as "that folk singer with the really funny voice." However, not everyone today is familiar with Bob's acceptance of the Christian faith, which is surprising since its been more than 20 years – it's disappointing that more believers aren't aware of this. Here's hoping the new tribute album, Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan, helps remedy that a bit.

In short, Bob accepted Christ in the late '70s and become good friends with Keith and Melody Green. Like many born again Christian musicians, Bob's spiritual fire spilled over into his songwriting for a few albums, most notably 1979's Slow Train Coming and 1980's Saved. His albums since have been spottier in expressions of faith, which has led some to become skeptical to Bob's faith, speculating that his faith didn't take root or that it was just an artistic phase. I believe the evidence suggests otherwise, based on the examples of spirituality that do crop up in his music from time to time, as well as passing comments in interviews.

Regardless, Slow Train Coming was a landmark album that exposed gospel music to a new audience of folk and rock fans. Saved, on the other hand, seemed to earn Bob Dylan more credibility with the gospel audience. Both discs work within his complete discography because he is so much more than the folk singer behind "The Times They ...

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Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan
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Release Date
April 1, 2003
Sony Legacy
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