April (Web-only) 2003

Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi
Reluctant Saint: Francis of AssisiSubscriber Access Only
A documentary tells us less about the medieval saint than about pop spirituality
We Must Never Be Silent About SufferingSubscriber Access Only
The CT religious rights debate continues
Pastor Dies of SARSSubscriber Access Only
Harvard University backs InterVarsity chapter
Why We Are in IraqSubscriber Access Only
"Michael Kelly, R.I.P"
"Diplomacy, Not Denunciation, Saves Lives"Subscriber Access Only
The CT religious rights debate concludes
Florida Pulls Christian AIDS BrochureSubscriber Access Only
"A military chaplain's controversial baptism plan, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Marcia Ford on Christian MisfitsSubscriber Access Only
The author of Memoir of a Misfit describes her eccentric family and her faith journey
"Weblog: PBS, The New York Times Book Review Examine the Early Church"Subscriber Access Only
"Appeals court hears Ten Commandments arguments, Christians fight AIDS in Africa, and other stories from online sources around the world."
A Good Man Is Hard to Find at the MoviesSubscriber Access Only
"Critics consider an egomaniac in Phone Booth, a hit man in Assassination Tango, a vengeful cop in A Man Apart, and a foul-mouthed comic in DysFunktional Family. Meanwhile, The Guys shows real heroes and a good father turns out to be What a Girl Wants."
U.S. Bans Mailing of Bible Verses to Overseas SoldiersSubscriber Access Only
"Opposition to pastor training at a military base, tonight's Dove Awards, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Secretary of Education's Support of Christian Schools Causes Backlash Against ReligionSubscriber Access Only
"Postal Service says you can send Bibles to overseas military personnel, and many other articles from online sources around the world."
"As Baghdad Falls, Agencies Brace for Flood of Work"Subscriber Access Only
Aid and mine removal teams could move into Iraq within days
Top Ten Entry Points to Christian HistorySubscriber Access Only
Some enjoyable ways to get the most out of the work of church historians
Kidnapped German Aid Official Released in IndiaSubscriber Access Only
Relief agency coalition staged numerous demonstrations calling for worker's freedom
A Story Darwin Might LoveSubscriber Access Only
"Brian McLaren's evolutionary interpretation of the faith promises more than it delivers, but what it delivers is good enough."
Updates on Iraq Baptism and Secretary of Education ControversiesSubscriber Access Only
The Army investigates a chaplain for coercion and the Baptist Press admits factual and contextual errors in an interview with Rod Paige
Focus on the Family Appoints Former U.S. Secretary of Energy as PresidentSubscriber Access Only
What did Rod Paige mean? And other online stories from around the world
Robert Seiple on the War in IraqSubscriber Access Only
The founder of The Institute for Global Engagement says America suffers from an inconsistency between national values and national interests
Muslims Protest Franklin Graham's Pentagon InviteSubscriber Access Only
"Evanescence pulled from Christian retail, and other online stories from around the world"
Life After Life After DeathSubscriber Access Only
"The Resurrection of the Son of God" is a ground-clearing exercise of historiographical obstacles.
Interview: N.T. Wright on the Resurrection
You Can't Keep a Justified Man DownSubscriber Access Only
An interview with N.T. Wright, author of The Resurrection of the Son of God.
"Weblog: Sign Faith Statement, Quit, or Face Termination, Says SBC"Subscriber Access Only
"Questions of religion's role in government face rebuilding process in Iraq, and other online stories from around the world"
The Goodness of Good Friday
The Goodness of Good FridaySubscriber Access Only
An unhappy celebration—isn't that an oxymoron?
Did the Writer of Men in Black Direct a Christian Movie?Subscriber Access Only
"Ed Solomon talks about the seeking characters of his new drama, Levity. Religious press critics review the film, Anger Management, and Ghosts of the Abyss. Plus: Peter T. Chattaway questions the need for a Christian movie genre"
Letter from KabulSubscriber Access Only
Religious freedom still in jeopardy under new Afghan government
Easter in BaghdadSubscriber Access Only
"Christ is risen (Alleluia!), but the sadness of death and the fear of oppression linger for Iraq's Christians."
Bird Watching with Anne LamottSubscriber Access Only
"A PBS documentary enters the unruly, grace-filled world of the author of Traveling Mercies"
Presbyterian Court Says Pastors Must Officiate in Ordination of Unchaste HomosexualsSubscriber Access Only
"Court also gives Stephen Van Kuiken a mere rebuke for conducting gay marriage, and even he complains that it only delays the debate"
Alistair Begg on The BeatlesSubscriber Access Only
The author and pastor talks about the Fab Four's cry for Help and why no one answered it.
Pink Slips at NonprofitsSubscriber Access Only
"Ministries close offices, curtail staff costs to cope with donation decline"
Muslim Proudly Admits Killing Baptist MissionariesSubscriber Access Only
"Easter in a time of war is still Easter, America turns its back on the aliens in its midst, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Texas Tech Professor Drops Evolution Belief RequirementSubscriber Access Only
"Pastor confesses to six bank robberies, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Race and Redemption in a Holes -some Family FilmSubscriber Access Only
"Holes trips up some viewers but holds treasure for others. Reviewers find flaws in A Mighty Wind, Bulletproof Monk, Malibu's Most Wanted, Chasing Papi, and XXX, while praising Levity and Rivers and Tides. Plus: An invitation to weigh in on the subject of"
Alaskan Hooligans Turn Cold Shoulder to FaithSubscriber Access Only
"Targeted Baptist missionaries won't resign, and many other stories from online sources around the world."
Why There Are Seven Chronicles of NarniaSubscriber Access Only
A British scholar discovers the hidden design of C.S. Lewis' perennially popular series.
Missionary Tales from the Iraqi FrontSubscriber Access Only
"The modern Anglican mission to Iraq met with initial success, but its story sounds a cautionary note"
Journalists Who PraySubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today editors share prayer practices that energize them.
Christian Seders Accused of Being Anti-JewishSubscriber Access Only
A more peaceful Easter at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Getting Ahead in Order to ServeSubscriber Access Only
Why Christian ambition isn't an oxymoron
Francis Schaeffer's Grandson Goes to WarSubscriber Access Only
"Frank Schaeffer talks about how his views of his country, culture, and prayer changed as his son joined the Marines."
Supreme Court Shalt Not Hear Ten Commandments CaseSubscriber Access Only
"Anne Graham Lotz faints while teaching, and other stories from online sources around the world"
In Perspective: What's the Difference Between Shi'ah and Sunni?Subscriber Access Only
"With a history of persecution and belief in martyrdom, the Shiite Muslim majority in Iraq may be more receptive to Christianity."
Other Schools' Prayers Questioned After Court Rules VMI's UnconstitutionalSubscriber Access Only
"Church's coffee apparently spiked with arsenic, congregation likely to face discipline for baptisms, and other stories from online sources around the world"
"Weblog: Religious Conservative Groups Call for Action on AIDS, But Criticize House Bill"Subscriber Access Only
"The National Day of Prayer, White House backs Under God in Pledge, and other stories from online sources from around the world"
The Salvation Army Comes to the Rescue in The Man Without a PastSubscriber Access Only
"Religious press critics respond to The Real Cancun, It Runs in the Family, Identity, Confidence, and Raising Victor Vargas. Plus further views on Holes, Levity, The Good Thief, Laurel Canyon, House of 1,000 Corpses."
Got Your 'Spiritual Director' Yet?Subscriber Access Only
"The roots of a resurgent practice, plus 14 books for further study"
British Columbia Allows Same-Sex MarriagesSubscriber Access Only
"The National Day of Prayer, Church arsenic poisoning case ruled a homicide, and links to other stories from online sources around the world"
A Strategy for ProgressSubscriber Access Only
"Unless prevention of HIV/AIDS becomes a clear priority, things will get worse"
Nazarene Crying TowelSubscriber Access Only
The Winter of Our DiscontentSubscriber Access Only

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