American Anglican Council: Here's what to do now
The American Anglican Council, a group representing the orthodox members of the Episcopal Church USA, has issued a short guide for church members distraught over the church's approval of an actively gay bishop. Included is the following list:

  1. Do NOT say you are leaving the Episcopal Church.

  2. Do NOT say you are breaking Communion with your bishop.

  3. DO say you are NOT leaving the Anglican Communion.

  4. Do NOT sue for your property or take unilateral action.

  5. DO hold on until [orthodox bishops, clergy, and lay leaders meet in Plano, Texas in October].

  6. DO give the orthodox bishops and archbishops six months to achieve a framework for dramatic realignment.

Contrary to what Weblog guessed earlier, the Plano meeting will be held October 7 to 9, the week before Anglican Primates (the heads of Anglican churches around the world) meet to discuss whether the Episcopal Church USA has removed itself from the Anglican Communion, and whether to set up a new Anglican church in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the AAC says, orthodox Anglicans should "redirect money from structures which support these actions (parish, diocese, national church), and give to parishes, dioceses, organizations and mission agencies which are upholding mainstream Anglicanism, such as the AAC, [Forward in Faith North America], and Ekklesia." They should also reach out to other orthodox Episcopalians, communicate their rejection of the church's actions, love homosexuals, pray for God's grace on the church, forgive those who voted unbiblically, repent for their own participation in the church's sins, and "Rejoice…God is still on the throne."

Baylor president lauded for Christian leadership as school's basketball coach, athletic director resign
For Baylor University's Robert Sloan Jr., dealing completely and honestly with accusations of impropriety in the school's basketball program isn't just part of his job as the school's president—it's part of Christian commitment.

"Near to the heart of Baylor University is a commitment to integrity," he began his statement to the press Friday. "It is a commitment that goes beyond compliance with the NCAA rules and regulations. Indeed, it is a commitment that not only includes the NCAA rules and regulations but goes beyond it. It's a commitment to ourselves and our Lord as a Christian institution where faith and integrity matter."

Sloan said an ongoing internal investigation had already demonstrated that head basketball coach Dave Bliss was involved in giving tuition money to student athletes, and that staff members knew about drug use among athletes but didn't report it.

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"Baylor University cares about its integrity, therefore I am placing the men's basketball program on probation effective immediately for a period of not less than two years," Sloan said. The basketball team is also banned from any postseason play.

Bliss announced his resignation, as did athletic director Tom Stanton, though he reportedly had no knowledge of the infractions.

Sloan's actions were widely praised.

"I'm sure it was an extremely difficult decision for both of them to make: for Tom to resign and for President Sloan to accept it," Fred Norton, president of the Baylor Alumni Association, told The Dallas Morning News. Norton's organization and Sloan have not always been on giddy terms. "There are people who have been concerned about President Sloan's leadership, and leadership is certainly what he demonstrated today."

Baylor regent Phil Lineberger agreed, saying Sloan did exactly what he should have done: "He acted quickly. He didn't equivocate, and he immediately said the school would place itself under certain sanctions."

Some papers say the regents may still ask for Sloan's resignation, and that a few critics are pushing even harder for such an action. But Sloan isn't hiding.

"As a leader, I've got to lead our university to accept responsibility, and that includes me," he told the Morning News. "I'm committed to the responsibilities I have. I have a sense of great support from our regents."

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