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October 2003 2003
Volume 47, Number 10
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Cover Story

Biblical Archaeology's Dusty Little Secret
The James bone box controversy reveals the politics beneath the science
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The Article We Didn't Print
Ben Witherington is the poster boy for writer deadlines
Casting for Whitefish
Black congregation offers whites five dollars to attend
Quotation Marks
"Recent comments from V. Gene Robinson, Archbishop Peter Akinola, and Ted Haggard"
Go Figure
Recent figures on faith and politics
University Forbids 'Offensive' Tracts
Messianic Jew sues University of New Orleans over ban
Kosher Cooperation
Jewish elites broker new relations with evangelicals
September News Wrap
"Deaths, promotions, and other tidbits from the religion world"
Violated Felons
Christians help lead federal campaign against prison rape
Naval Chaplain Succeeds Ogilvie in Senate
An interview with Barry Black
PTL Victims to Receive $6.54 Each
Lawyers take $2.5 million of $3.7 million settlement
Uneasy Unity
Christians take different paths as road map hits impasse
Christians See Official Recognition of Voodoo as Ominous
They fear Aristide plans to renew 200-year national pact with the devil.
Agencies Announce Short-Term Missions Standards
Similar codes have been established in Great Britain and Canada
Free the Doctors
Agency pays school debts of medical missionaries
"Walking the Old, Old Talk"
The cultural success of evangelicalism is its greatest weakness
God Reigns-Even in Alabama
Let's not make the Commandments into a graven image
Bones of Contention
Why I still think the James bone box is likely to be authentic.
Holy Sex
How it ravishes our souls
Influential Things Come in Small Packages
"Three friends, four spiritual laws, and other legacies of Bill Bright"
The Joy of Suffering in Sri Lanka
How Christians thrive in the land where ethnic and religious strife is always just around the corner
Campus Collisions
Why InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was derecognized at some of America's leading universities
Resolved: Conventions Are Hell
Ten truths that can help reformers survive (and thrive) at annual denominational meetings
Discerning God's Will
"Quotations to stir the heart and mind from Van Gogh, Dante, Thomas Merton, and others"
Submitting to Islam—or Dying
Ceasefires and peace talks bow to greater powers in Sudan
Authentic Fellowship
How do we learn the deep 'one another' community of Scripture without being in close proximity?
The Church's Hidden Jewishness
Hebrew thinking in a Greek world
'Normalizing' Jewish Believers
How should Christianity's Jewish heritage change how Gentiles relate to their faith?
Two Weddings and a Baptism
It's still impossible to predict what will advance the gospel in Hollywood
The Good Effects of the Good News
A convert from Islam answers critics hostile to the Christian mission
The Defender of the Good News: Questioning Lamin Sanneh
"The Yale historian and missiologist talks about his conversion, Muslim-Christian relations, Anglican troubles, and the future of Christianity"
Sterling Disagreement
Christopher Hall and John Sanders continue their debate over open theism
Beyond Wallowing
Loving the God we don't understand
Investing as Love
Gary Moore's biblical approach to financial management
Thinking to Change Lives
Robert Louis Wilken explores early Christian thought
Apocalypse Without the Beasts
A high school teacher finds the sacred in all the wrong places
Sowing Confusion
One small ruling for Texas; one giant leap into a cultural abyss