We're already a third of the way through 2005, and we've heard a number of great albums. But what else can we expect in Christian music for the remainder of the year? What are the biggest releases on the horizon?

The annual GMA Week in Nashville, which I recently attended, is always a great time to learn about what's ahead. Below is a list of twenty of the year's most anticipated projects, judging by previous sales, industry buzz, fan expectations, and my own perspectives. This certainly isn't a complete list. Also, note that all release dates are subject to change.

20. Mars ILL, Pro Pain

This July release was pushed back from 2004, but word of mouth says it's one of the year's strongest hip-hop recordings.

19. Audio Adrenaline, Until My Heart Caves In

Look for the next disc from this Christian rock mainstay in August.

18. Bart Millard, Hymned

Yes, MercyMe's lead singer is releasing a solo project in August. No, you're not being Punk'd, but you will be Hymned.

17. Todd Agnew, Reflections of Something

Reflections of what? We'll have to wait until August to find out, with this rising star's sophomore effort.

16. MxPx, Panic

The crossover punk rock band is back with a new album in July.

15. Chris Rice, Amusing

Since he's left Rocketown Records, it'll be interesting to see where this acclaimed singer/songwriter goes with the more general market eb + flo label this October.

14. Joy Williams, Genesis

She's steadily grown in popularity the last four years, but Joy reinvents her pop/rock sound yet again with this May's appropriately titled CD.

13. Shaun Groves, White Flag

Inspired by The Beatitudes, and perhaps The Beatles, listeners should be pleasantly surprised by the intelligent songwriting and rocking sound of this CD, due in July.

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