November (Web-only) 2005

Harry Does His Magic. Is That Good or Bad?Subscriber Access Only
Christian film critics have mixed views on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Walk the Line, Paradise Now, and Christmas in the Clouds. Plus, more on Pride & Prejudice.
A Soaring Romance, a Flying House, a Derailed MarriageSubscriber Access Only
Christian critics praise Pride & Prejudice, play Zathura, debunk Derailed, bicker with Bee Season, and bury Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Plus, more reviews of Good Night, and Good Luck and Jarhead.
The Squid and the Whale One of Year's BestSubscriber Access Only
Jeff Daniels shines in this candidly honest depiction of the consequences of divorce and infidelity. Plus: Christian film critics look at Jarhead, Chicken Little, and G, and more reviews of The Legend of Zorro, and The Weatherman.
Murder, Shopping, Weather, and SwordplaySubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics weigh in on Capote, Saw II, Shopgirl, The Weather Man, The Legend of Zorro, Prime, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and a new DVD release called The 3 Wise Men. Plus, more reviews of Good Night, and Good Luck, Dreamer, North Country, and Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.
The Gospel for All PeopleSubscriber Access Only
It's not your father's missions movement.
Weblog Bonus: Group Says Roadway Crosses Are UnconstitutionalSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Reaction to "Christ" ban in Indiana invocations, rebutting Christmas bans, and a debunking of the infamous abortion-crime Freakonomics study.
Regulators to Investigate Abortion Pill DeathsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Vatican to ban gay seminarians, Penn Jillette on his atheism, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Bush Pushes for Religious Freedom in ChinaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Judge Lefkow's faith helps her survive the murders of her husband, mother; Venezuela and missionaries; Newdow sues over 'In God We Trust;' and more articles from online sources around the world.
Churches Can Rent NYC School BuildingsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Abortion and Alito, religious persecution in China and North Korea, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Actors Play Down Narnia's ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Plus: Conservative Christians gear up for '06 elections, Jeff Tweedy plays Messiah College, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Why Should Wall Street Have All the Good Companies?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: New Tribes Mission given deadline to leave Venezuela, honoring David Livingstone, the Queen on the uniqueness of Christianity, and more articles from online sources around the world.
I Was Just Pandering, Says Alito About 1985 Anti-Abortion MemoSubscriber Access Only
Plus: GAO says FDA acted "unusually" on Plan B, North Korea's lack of religious freedom, Colorado Springs Catholic official resigns after anti-Haggard column, and links to other stories from online sources around the world.
Alphabet CoupSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Election results, Alito on Roe, Senate takes action on Air Force religion, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The IRS Persecution CharadeSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Holy Land's "earliest church" found under a prison, Dennis Quaid's faith, closing arguments in the Dover ID trial, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Former DeLay Aide: 'Wacko' Christians Will Believe AnythingSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Baylor's new president, comparing pastors to the KKK, and other stories from online stories around the world.
9th Circuit 'Declares Parenthood Unconstitutional,' Says FocusSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Alito's judge colleagues say he's conservative but not anti-Roe, the abuse-abortion connection, everybody loves Anne Rice's Jesus novel, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Indigenous Venezuelans Protest Mission ExpulsionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Church and state after Katrina, Indiana battles over invocations, and some of the last Harriet Miers stories we'll link to.
Transformed by a Left HookSubscriber Access Only
For one Anglican priest, boxing is a means of grace.
Carpets, Wardrobes, and the Glory of the RealSubscriber Access Only
A lesson on reality from fantasy author C.S. Lewis.
Saving the SuburbsSubscriber Access Only
Riots prompt Christians to reach out more to Muslims.
Bioethics in Narnia?Subscriber Access Only
C. S. Lewis was way ahead of the curve.
Competing GoalsSubscriber Access Only
Move by Family Christian Stores reveals tension with publishers.
Taizé in the FallSubscriber Access Only
A parable of community.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1979)Subscriber Access Only
WhenThe Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe opens on December 9, it'll be Aslan's first trip to the big screen—but not to the small one. A closer look at earlier Narnia renditions
RentSubscriber Access Only
SyrianaSubscriber Access Only
Have Mercy on Me, O God'Subscriber Access Only
A report from AAR/SBL.
Mad About HarrySubscriber Access Only
Our readers seem to be absolutely mad about Harry Potter—both ways. They love him, or they hate him.
Mr. VersatileSubscriber Access Only
Dennis Quaid has played all sorts of roles, including recent family films like the brand-new Yours, Mine & Ours. Here, he identifies himself as a Christian, but also a "spiritual seeker."
Inventing EthicsSubscriber Access Only
A collaborator walks out on the South Korean cloning genius, citing ethical lapses.
Christmas in the CloudsSubscriber Access Only
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireSubscriber Access Only
Things get more emotional, and more intense, in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.'
Paradise NowSubscriber Access Only
Walk the LineSubscriber Access Only
Yours, Mine & OursSubscriber Access Only
Adrian Rogers, Conservative Southern Baptist Trailblazer, Dies at 74Subscriber Access Only
Former SBC president, broadcaster, and pastor led charge in denomination over biblical inerrancy.
Cure for the IDOP Holiday BluesSubscriber Access Only
It's not just about hearing sad stories and lamenting.
The Man in BlackSubscriber Access Only
Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, who play Johnny and June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, join director James Mangold to discuss the legend's life—and faith.
Redeeming Harry PotterSubscriber Access Only
The initial Christian outcry against the boy wizard seems to be dying down. Maybe that's because more and more of us are discovering multiple redemptive themes in the series.
Priest IdolSubscriber Access Only
A Wheaton grad ends up on British reality TV. His mission: Save a dying church.
Punches, Smashes, and BombsSubscriber Access Only
Boxing gives us a window into the violence inherent in all sports.
DerailedSubscriber Access Only
Pride & PrejudiceSubscriber Access Only
ZathuraSubscriber Access Only
Copts' Night of TerrorSubscriber Access Only
Rioting chills Muslim-Christian relations as new parliament is elected.
France: The Ire and the FireSubscriber Access Only
God's people in the midst of the riots.
Ticket to Paradise?Subscriber Access Only
Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad's new film—fictional, but true to life—follows the journey of two young suicide bombers. What motivates them? Abu-Assad says it may be more than meets the eye.
Readers WriteSubscriber Access Only
Recent letters on divorce, boxing, homosexuals vs. pedophiles, and Rick Warren's Rwanda efforts.
Evangelicals in a Secular SocietySubscriber Access Only
Ted Haggard says Galatians bars us from using the law to create a Christian nation.
Justice for Life?Subscriber Access Only
"Of course he's against abortion," says Alito's mom. But Roe is expected to stand—and some say that shouldn't be the focus anyway.
Chicken LittleSubscriber Access Only
JarheadSubscriber Access Only
Admissions: RejectedSubscriber Access Only
Christian school sues University of California over requirements.
Lost in the Sunni TriangleSubscriber Access Only
Leaders of Baghdad church presumed dead.
Stem Selling: Korea to Traffic in Human RemainsSubscriber Access Only
And they may end up in a laboratory near you.
Alito Nomination Pleases Christian ConservativesSubscriber Access Only
Supporters cite judge's credentials and decisions on religious expression.
Can't We Just Have a Good Argument?Subscriber Access Only
Lessons in "respectful conversation."
Christian Teens Beheaded in IndonesiaSubscriber Access Only
Attacks only the latest in effort to "exterminate the Christian community" in the Poso area.
Anglicans 'Severely Wounded'Subscriber Access Only
At a top summit in Egypt, conservatives call for a Scripture-affirming covenant.
Narnia Comes to LifeSubscriber Access Only
Douglas Gresham has dreamed of seeing Aslan on the big screen since he was a little boy. Now that his dream is about to become reality, C. S. Lewis's stepson talks about the new movie, and his role in it. (Part 2)
?Subscriber Access Only
Methodist Rulings Reinforce Traditional Church Policy on HomosexualitySubscriber Access Only
Beth Stroud's conviction upheld; Judicial Council says homosexuals have no automatic right to church membership.
Pastor Electrocuted in BaptismalSubscriber Access Only
Pastor of University Baptist Church in Waco dies after adjusting microphone.
A Halloween SolutionSubscriber Access Only
Announcing a new line of costumes.
Praise for U.K. 'Hate' Bill ChangesSubscriber Access Only
House of Commons still could pass law many fear would curb preaching.

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